Time For Change
Life Coaching, Mental Health

A Powerful 3 Minute daily Activity That Can Change Your Life

Often people think that it takes a huge daily time commitment for something to make a significant change in their…

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The Power of Affirmations, Science or Magic?
Mental Health, Spiritual Wellbeing

The Power Of Affirmations, Science Or Magic?

By now, most everyone has heard about “The power of Affirmations”.  Often, people are either very skeptical about the idea,…

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When Kids Leave Home
Health Tips, Mental Health

Kids Left Home… Now What

Starting a new chapter as an empty nester can be a little overwhelming, we are on a roller coaster of…

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Mental Health, Spiritual Wellbeing

Building Integrity

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating, failing to get something done that you need to do?  Do you ever say…

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Holiday Stress
General, Mental Health

Holiday Memories

This year, 2020, has brought up a lot of emotional feelings with the election, protests, COVID-19, stay at home orders, and work closures, etc. and now it’s time…

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Positive Thinking
Mental Health

Reframing your ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

Have you found yourself feeling depressed or anxious? Do you lack confidence? Do you find yourself thinking negatively the majority of the time?

Do you find yourself thinking about the worst case scenario? Do these thoughts pop into your mind automatically?

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Keep healthy during quarantine
Mental Health, Physical Health, Spiritual Wellbeing

Things to do when “quarantined”

Right now a lot of places are closed and many people are in their homes wondering what to do.

This article is not going to debate what is going on, but rather offer you some insight on what you can do

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Let Nothing Stop You
Life Coaching, Mental Health, Physical Health, Spiritual Wellbeing

Unstoppable Mindset for Health

Do you want to age well?  Aging well involves having the energy and motivation to do the things you enjoy…

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Holistic Cure For Anxiety
Diet, Life Coaching, Mental Health, Treatments

Holistic Approach To Reducing Anxiety

Have you ever felt anxious? Heart pounding? Mind racing? Palms sweaty? Nervous feeling? Maybe you get this often or on occasion…

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Mental Health

Is Your Inner Superhero Stressing You Out

Just about every morning we create ‘to-do’ lists, ambitiously starting off with the best of intentions, dreaming of going to…

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