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Getting started on your journey towards optimal health is easy! The following are some simple steps to get you started with our office:

  1. Please call (951) 461-3021 or send us a message by filling out the form below regarding the services you are interested in.
  2. For Hormone Balancing consultations, lab-work is required. If you have had saliva or blood testing within the last 3 to 4 months, please obtain copies of your results and send them to our office. Otherwise, we will have you get blood work before scheduling your appointment.
  3. For Detoxification—IV/ Oral Chelation Therapy consultations, heavy metal testing and lab work is required for treatment. If you have had this done, please send the results to our office so that we may book you an appointment. Otherwise, our office will order the appropriate tests required before scheduling your appointment.
  4. Print the appropriate forms (located under forms) or click here. Please complete the required forms before your appointment to ensure your appointment is starte

Please click on the service from the following list for pricing information:

Here at An Optimal You, we value every patient. Cancellations with short notice and missed appointments adversely affects our ability to accommodate patients. Therefore, An Optimal You has a cancellation policy for all initial and follow up appointments.

A cancellation fee will apply if appointments are not cancelled with at least a 2 business days’ notice (a business day is Monday-Friday, non-holidays).

In order to avoid a cancellation fee, you must contact our office 2 business days before your appointment time to reschedule. (Of course, we do understand significant emergencies and encourage you to contact our office immediately if an unforeseen event occurs and we will evaluate your situation on an individual basis).

For optimal treatment, communication is necessary, therefore any initial consultations that are missed (i.e. no contact with our office) will not be re-scheduled. If an established patient misses two appointments (i.e. no communication to our office regarding the need to cancel the appointment), that patient will be discharged from our practice.

We do our best to accommodate your needs and we ask that you respect other patients by giving our office adequate notice when needing to reschedule an appointment.

For information on this or any other services, please send us a message by filing out the form below or contact our office.

We look forward to optimizing your health

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