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Cecilia Santillan

Cecilia Santillan

My name is Cecilia, Registered Nurse and co-founder of Graceful Skin Solutions. I’ve always had a love for all things beauty and an interest on how I can enhance beauty naturally. When I was 22 years old, I noticed a tiny wrinkle in between my eyebrows that seemed to be getting worse and worse as time went on. I thought to myself, “I’m only 22, how could I be getting wrinkles so soon?” This terrified me! Although the process of aging is inevitable, I was worried that I would age prematurely and more wrinkles would emerge as the years went on.

 I thought to myself, “I’m only 22, how could I be getting wrinkles so soon?” This terrified me! Although the process of aging is inevitable, I was worried that I would age prematurely and more wrinkles would emerge as the years went on. It was detrimental to my confidence and I no longer felt like my true self. This is when I began to dive into research on how and why wrinkles develop and what remedies may help combat my current issue. There are many reasons why wrinkles form; for example, excessive sun exposure, toxins and pollutants in the environment, genetics, improper diet, dehydration and so much more. I was determined to solve the mystery of why my wrinkle was forming. I began to noticed that I was unconsciously constantly frowning all the time! Yup, that is right! The constant over use of varying muscle groups caused my wrinkle to form! I would frown when I would sleep, work out, or even when I would be concentrating on simple tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

Naturally, at first I tried all of the natural remedies to get rid of my pesky wrinkle. I tried age defying face wash and creams, retinol A, jade rollers, at home micro-needling rolling pens, but my wrinkle was too deep that nothing worked! This whole time, I knew one of the options I had was botox, but in all honestly I was terrified at just the thought of it and didn’t even consider it as an option.

I was worried that the botox would make me look emotionless, fake, and mask like. On the other hand, I was tired of looking in the mirror and not feeling like my best self. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and booked my very first appointment, despite being extremely nervous. After my initial visit, I was instantly HOOKED. I gradually noticed my wrinkle fading away. Fast forward two weeks later and my wrinkle was completely gone! I couldn’t believe it! I had tried so many remedies for so long and now it was as if my wrinkle was completely erased off of my face! What a relief it was to feel my confidence finally being restored! I finally felt like myself again! 

This is why I decided to pursue a career in medical aesthetics. I want to be able to help others feel amazing and radiate confidence in their own skin. Enhancing your own natural appearance is not just about looks, it’s about how it makes you feel inside. Have you ever heard the words, “when you look your best, you feel your best?” This is true! Chances are that no one is looking at the slight “imperfections” that we see on a daily basis, but WE do. When we notice these slight imperfections, negative thoughts might creep into our brains that may lead to low self-esteem and so much more.

Even though aging and developing wrinkles is a natural part of life, we can use the tools and knowledge to help you age gracefully overtime. I want my clients to not only look beautiful and refreshed, but to have that same confidence I felt after receiving Botox. I am here to help you look, feel and be your best self!

Cecilia Santillan is a board-certified Registered Nurse who has a passion for beauty, medical aesthetics and holistic healing. She loves nature, animals, and traveling. Cecilia also loves spending time with her beloved husband Ivan, and two pups, Molly and Stella. While obtaining her RN, Cecilia worked at An Optimal You with Dr. Laurie Blanscet, D.O. who specializes in integrative medicine and anti-aging.

During her time there, Cecilia learned how to administer integrative IV infusions, and after earning her RN license in 2019, Cecilia worked as a Medical-Surgical floor nurse at Inland Valley Medical Center.

It was not too long that she decided to pursue her true passion; a career in medical aesthetics and anti-aging. She continued her education by obtaining her certification in Botox and Dermal filler administration while continuing to work at An Optimal You. She then attended a medical aesthetics training in Las Vegas, NV where she earned her certification in Medical Aesthetics Medicine and expanded her skills in Botox and so much more. 

Cecilia also trained with Dr. Laurie Blanscet to perform facial prolozone treatments for clients who prefer a more natural alternative to Botox. Cecilia continues to learn and improve her skills and techniques in hopes of offering a new level of service where everyday detail is uncompromising.

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