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We get it – traditional healthcare can be a bit of a hassle. Waiting for appointments, feeling rushed, and not getting the attention you deserve – it’s time for a change! At An Optimal You, we’re here to provide you with a new and better way to take care of your health.

What Is Concierge Medicine?

Think of concierge medicine as your VIP pass to personalized healthcare. It’s like having a health buddy who’s always there for you. You pay a simple monthly or yearly fee, and in return, you get unlimited visits, a direct line to your doctor, and more personalized care. No more waiting for weeks – we’re here when you need us!

Dr. Laurie Blanscet

By having a concierge practice Dr. Blanscet is able to practice integrative medicine. Integrative medicine involves working with you to prevent future diseases so that they do not occur, preventing the fires. She is also able to offer nutrition counseling, bio identical hormone treatments, and other anti aging therapies.

Why Choose Concierge Medicine?

Faster Access to Your Doctor:
In the traditional system, waiting for an appointment can feel like waiting for a superhero to arrive. With concierge medicine, we limit the number of patients, so you get same-day appointments and spend less time waiting.

Quality Time with Your Doctor:
Ever felt like your doctor barely knows you? We’re changing that. With concierge medicine, our doctors take care of fewer patients, giving you more time during appointments. You get a whole 30 minutes – that’s more time to discuss your health and get the right treatment.

No More Waiting Room Woes:
Forget about spending hours in waiting rooms. With concierge care, things run smoothly, and you can stick to your schedule. We respect your time, ensuring you spend more time talking to your doctor than sitting in a waiting area.

How is Concierge Different?

In a nutshell, it’s all about you! Traditional care often means sharing your doctor with thousands, leading to long waits and rushed appointments. Concierge doctors, on the other hand, take on fewer patients, ensuring you get the attention you deserve.

Say Goodbye to Insurance Hassles!

Insurance can be a headache – we get it. With concierge care, you pay a direct fee, so there are no copays or surprise bills. Your care is between you and your doctor – simple and stress-free.

Health Beyond Sickness

Concierge medicine is not just about fixing what’s wrong; it’s about keeping you healthy. We practice integrative medicine, working with you to prevent future issues. From nutrition advice to anti-aging therapies, we’ve got your overall well-being in mind.

Benefits You’ll Love

 An Optimal You – Your Path to Better Health

We believe in a patient-centered approach, where you’re not just a number. Concierge medicine is your way to a more relaxed, unhurried, and personal healthcare experience. Reach out to us today to start your journey to optimal health – because you deserve it!

 Finding Your Concierge Doctor

Not every practice offers concierge medicine, but we do! At An Optimal You, we’re here to tailor a concierge medicine plan to fit your needs. Our team is ready to help you diagnose and fix any health concerns you have. Your optimal self is just a call away – contact us today!

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