Concierge Medicine

Many patients searching for hormonal balance are also looking for head to toe care. Dr. Blanscet offers a concierge medicine option for those patients like you that want more complete care.

Traditional medicine is focused on keeping you from dying. Integrative medicine is focused on keeping you feeling optimal: allowing you to truly live your life.

Insurances force doctors to practice traditional medicine. They pay doctors based on the diseases that you have and restrict the time the doctor can spend with you. All they can do is try and put out the “fires” that happen to your body. Doctors are there to help you but they need to keep the lights on in order to do this. Thus they are stuck in the trap of only being able to keep you from dying.

Dr. Laurie Blanscet

By having a concierge practice Dr. Blanscet is able to practice integrative medicine. Integrative medicine involves working with you to prevent future diseases so that they do not occur, preventing the fires. She is also able to offer nutrition counseling, bio identical hormone treatments, and other anti aging therapies.

Concierge medicine involves the patient paying an annual fee so that the doctor can drastically limit her number of patients in the practice. She is no longer stuck having to take care of the health care needs of several thousand patients, only a few hundred.

You get to have visits with Dr. Blanscet that are unhurried and when you need them. The annual fee covers an annual wellness visit and other in office testing. Other visits are either billed to your insurance or there is a minimal fee of $40.00.

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