Concierge Medicine

Most modern-day healthcare practices aren’t known for their service. The schedules of many doctors’ offices are full and getting an appointment when you need it is often hit or miss. The failures of traditional healthcare have led many people to turn to better options where they can get the care their body needs to feel their best. 

An Optimal You strives to make sure all our patients get the services they need to feel the best they can. From ozone therapy to hormone supplements, our team wants to make sure you are healthy and happy. Get care providers who actually care about optimizing your health rather than only caring about you if you fall ill. Call An Optimal You today!

What Is Concierge Medicine?

Also known as boutique care, concierge care, direct primary care, and platinum practice, concierge medicine is a membership-based care plan that combines personalized care with convenience. Patients usually pay either a flat monthly fee or an annual fee, and in return they get unlimited office visits without having to worry about copays or other charges. Members also gain access to a doctor’s direct phone line so you can ask questions whenever you need to. 

The thing that makes this style of care so appealing to both parties is the fact that insurance does not interfere with your care. The doctors and physicians do not have to deal with them, and neither do you. This means the care you need is left between you and your doctor – the way it should be.   

Dr. Laurie Blanscet

By having a concierge practice Dr. Blanscet is able to practice integrative medicine. Integrative medicine involves working with you to prevent future diseases so that they do not occur, preventing the fires. She is also able to offer nutrition counseling, bio identical hormone treatments, and other anti aging therapies.

What Makes Concierge Medicine Better Than Traditional Care?

On average, a patient in a big city waits 24 days to get an appointment with their primary care physician. This is due to the fact that most primary care physicians in metropolitan areas have upwards of 4,000 people under their care. That being said, no one should have to wait that long for the care that they need. 

The experience in these traditional healthcare offices is also lacking in quality. You wait in a waiting room for a long time, then are moved to a screening room to wait even longer for the doctor to come in. Then the results for the screenings and tests that you paid for take weeks for you to see. Even after you get the results back, there is a chance that the results will be inconclusive. All these hoops make the experience infuriating.

Concierge medicine serves to fix many of the problems with the patient’s experience. Many doctors with a concierge medicine plan only have 600 people in their patient panel, meaning that you can make appointments with your primary care physician easier. The wait times in the office are also a lot shorter, so you aren’t waiting for the long line of people ahead of you to get in to see the doctor. 

An Optimal You offers a concierge medicine plan to all of our patients. That way, our doctors can understand the care that you need. They can also provide you with steps to take to help you feel better in the moment and improve your overall health in the long run.

The Benefits Of Concierge Medicine

Because of the lower amount of people under a concierge physician’s care, they can spend more time with you. Patients under a concierge medicine plan are able to see their doctor for upwards of 30 minutes during a visit, allowing the doctor to get a full understanding of the issues the patient is dealing with and for the patient to get the help they need. Many traditional practices do not spend enough time with the patient to fully understand what they need. Concierge medicine makes sure the doctor can get patients the help they need. 

Another huge benefit is the direct access patients have to their doctor. Patients on these plans gain access to a direct line of communication, so they are not left anxiously waiting for their next appointment. We all know that new symptoms arising directly after a doctor’s visit makes you worry. But with concierge medicine, those new symptoms can be brought up right away for a quick and painless answer, no extra visit needed.

Finding A Concierge Doctor

Perhaps the one downside to concierge medicine is the fact that not every practice offers it as an option. An Optimal You is your local office that offers concierge medicine plans to fit your needs. Our team of experts can help you diagnose and fix the problems that you are having. Everyone should have the opportunity to get the healthcare they need to become their optimal self. From the physicians on our team to our friendly health and wellness partners, we can get you whatever resources you need to feel like your optimal self. Call us today!

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