Hormone Therapy

Many people suffer from hormonal symptoms that are not readily attributed to a hormone imbalance. It is easy for a woman having hot flashes or night sweats to realize that she has a hormonal imbalance. However, women without the typical symptoms and most men tend to have their hormonal imbalance ignored by traditional medical doctors.

Hormonal imbalances can start as early as your 20’s in today’s toxic hormone disrupting environment. However, it is more typical to see a hormonal decline in your early to mid 30’s and the symptoms can creep up on you in your late 30’s and early 40’s. Although we do see people coming in to see us in their 50’s and even 60’s. The symptoms of a hormonal imbalance include: decreasing energy, inability to lose weight despite doing the right lifestyle changes, loss of overall vitality, brain fog, decreased memory, dry skin or hair, decreased focus, inability to gain muscle, increasing aches and pains, loss of libido (sex drive), vaginal dryness (women), decreased morning erections (men), depression, anxiety, irritability, decreased ability to recover from exercise, sleep problems (trouble falling or staying asleep), period irregularities (for women), brain fog, etc. The list is actually quite long.

Essentially you may feel that something is wrong but you are told that you are “fine” or that you just need an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety pill. Trust your instincts–if you feel that something is off, it is worth getting your hormones and symptoms evaluated by a medical professional trained in hormone balancing.

Your optimal hormone balance is unique for your body and your needs. When you have any of the symptoms listed above, it is a sign that your hormones are off. It can be your thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, growth hormone, etc. These hormone imbalances are often missed with traditional doctor visits because they often forget to look at you and your symptoms, and instead rely on lab values. On the surface this may make sense but it does not make sense when you realize how lab values are determined. Essentially they take a random sample of people and draw their blood. They take the average values and from that determine the “normal” values for the population as a whole. For some blood values this can be helpful. However, hormone levels fluctuate based on the health and needs of the patient. If they tested people who were feeling optimal then the lab values would help. However, they test the general population to get the “normal” values. Look around you–is the average person in optimal health? Or, is the average person tired, overwhelmed, overweight, etc?? Do you want to be average or optimal??

It is easy to see that the system of measuring is flawed. We do like to get blood values to see where you are at, however we do not look at the “normal” values that the lab uses. Instead, we utilize “optimal” values–these are the lab values that we see in patients who feel and look optimal. In addition, how you feel and respond is important–actually more important than the lab values. This is a very different way of practicing medicine–looking at and listening to you, the patient. Putting you in the driver’s seat of your health.

We believe in balancing your hormones as safely as possible–we want you to feel and look your best, while at the same time minimizing any potential side effects. Anytime we introduce anything into your body there is always a slight risk of side effects. However, in today’s world, surrounded by things that disrupt your hormones, it is almost impossible to feel and look optimal without the use of hormone replacement. In order to minimize any issues we utilize bio-identical hormones. Bio-identical hormones are biologically the same as the hormones made by your body. Your body knows how to work with these hormones–your body was designed to react with the chemical structures of bio-identical hormones. Synthetic hormones (this is what we call the non bio-identical hormones) are not biologically identical–they have a different chemical structure than the hormones made by your body. Thus, there is a potential for more adverse effects and even a potential increased risk of cancer. Utilizing hormones is always a personal choice made by you. Choosing to use bio-identical hormones simply makes sense to people who adequately research this subject. This type of treatment is customized to you and your specific needs, which is why it is done outside of insurance.

When you start a bio-identical hormone treatment program, it starts with you sitting down in our office so that we can go over your symptoms and lab work. It is important that you fill out the extensive questionnaire that we have on our website and bring that to your visit. Once we know your concerns and medical issues we can design a program that works for you. The treatment program that you specifically receive will be discussed with you. The goal is to go at the pace that you desire and to use the forms of treatment that work best for you (creams, pellets, pills, injections, etc.). Each person has unique needs and desires. We will go over what you need and the treatment options that are available so that you can decide on the best path for you. We also work with you to adjust the treatment if we find that the path we start is not the right path for you.

Often, there are a few supplements that we will recommend in order to work with your bio-identical hormones. We strive to keep the number of supplements that you take to a minimum. We do offer high quality supplements at our office and we also will tell you what you need if you prefer to shop for them on your own. We just care that you take high quality supplements–they do not have to be the ones that we carry. We simply offer them because a lot of our patients do not want the hassle of researching the quality of the supplements that they take.

We ask that you communicate with our office by phone or e mail once you start your personalized program. We like to hear from you in between your follow up visits so that we may adjust your treatment if needed. Our goal is for you to have your hormones balanced within the first several months–at least 80% there by month 2. Most people achieve this goal, however there are more complex cases that take a bit more time. We will let you know what to expect with your personal journey. It is important that you are patient with yourself and the program, as well as communicate with us during this process. Your health and well being are worth it! (please note that once you are a patient of ours we have a different office number than what is listed on this website. The website number is our informational line)

Balancing your hormones is one piece of achieving wellness and optimal health. When you have your hormones properly balanced you will feel better inside and out. This is not the whole answer to your health but it is a great start! Once your hormones are balanced and you are taking the right supplements, you are better able to get the other pieces needed to achieve optimal health. These other pieces are: eating a healthy whole food diet, drinking water, avoiding toxins, getting a good nights sleep, exercising regularly, and getting your mind in the right state. We will assist you with these other pieces as needed and desired by you.

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