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John Grant

Life Coach John Grant

John Grant grew up on a small island off the coast of California in the tight-knit community of Avalon. His graduating class of 27 students voted him most likely to succeed. Has that ever happened to you? An honor and a curse he struggled with for a long time until he found clarity in one thing – his health. Through this clarity, he found his Unstoppable Mindset and transformed his life as well as those around him. He is a Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur- owning multiple businesses. John is a personal life coach as well as a Consultant/Coach to business owners for their commercial office projects.

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Personal Development became his passion when he met and connected with Michael Bernoff in 2011. Joining Toastmasters soon followed and the small patterns of success and being in action brought him to publishing his first book. He has learned how to triumph over negative self talk and has undergone training to assist others.

Enjoy finding your Unstoppable Mindset and living at your full potential more often while you create your dream life. Find clarity in one aspect of your life, and it will naturally lead into other areas of your life. It is Unstoppable!

Contact John for a consultation if you feel stuck in life or if you need someone in your life to assist you in moving in the right direction in life.

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