Cortisol Hormone Balancing

Roles of Cortisol Hormone:

  • Cortisol increases alertness
  • Cortisol increases energy
  • Cortisol improves mood & ability to handle stress
  • Cortisol stimulates appetite & improves digestion
  • Cortisol eases inflammation & pain
  • Cortisol enhances immune response
  • Cortisol Hormone Balancing
  • Cortisol Side Effects

Cortisol Side Effects

Cortisol gives you energy in times of stress. That’s fine during an emergency but in today’s high stress environment, cortisol can raise your blood pressure and zap your energy over time. In the short-term, high levels of cortisol can create insulin resistance, weight gain and decrease your immunity. Long term, it can lead to stroke, heart attack or diabetes.

Signs of Imbalanced Cortisol Hormone

  • High blood sugar
  • Insomnia
  • Inability to fight infections
  • Decreased memory, reaction time, problem-solving & learning
  • Feeling ‘burned out’

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