Holiday Stress
Holiday Stress

Holiday Memories

This year, 2020, has brought up a lot of emotional feelings with the election, protests, COVID-19, stay at home orders, and work closures, etc. and now it’s time…

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Iris Exam
General, Health

What is an Iris Analysis?

Often people have a medical concern or complaint that can not be explained by traditional medical evaluations. The iris is the colored part of your eye that surrounds….

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Hypnotherapy Services Temecula

Hypnotherapy – Real Or Imagined

Is Hypnotherapy real or is it imagined?

Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of another person.

We have been influenced…

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A Gift For You

A Gift For You

It seems wierd to talk about the holidays but they are right around the corner. During the holiday season, so often…

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Stress and Anxiety


Due to unprecedented times, many patients feel ill-equipped tomanage current stressors- whether it is the economy, jobs, racialviolence, or even…

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Natural energy provider in Murrieta
Health Tips

Are you feeling tired?

It is quite common today for people to feel tired.

Often they become accustomed to feeling tired and feel that it is “normal”, but it is not ok to feel tired on a regular basis.

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Positive Thinking
Life Coach, Mental Health

Reframing your ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts)

Have you found yourself feeling depressed or anxious? Do you lack confidence? Do you find yourself thinking negatively the majority of the time?

Do you find yourself thinking about the worst case scenario? Do these thoughts pop into your mind automatically?

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Lessons Learned From COVID-19
Health, Health Care, Health Tips

Lessons learned from COVID-19

As I watch the panic and fear unfold around me I thought it was a good time to write an…

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Keep healthy during quarantine
Health Tips

Things to do when “quarantined”

Right now a lot of places are closed and many people are in their homes wondering what to do.

This article is not going to debate what is going on, but rather offer you some insight on what you can do

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Stay Calm
Education, Health

Calming The Fear

We have no doubt you have heard of COVID-19, the newest Corona virus. Because it is a new virus there is a lot of talk about it as we seek to understand it better. Let’s first acknowledge that this virus is seeming to cause a higher percentage of cases with complications, and potentially …

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