Growth Hormone Balancing

Growth hormone influences our day to day life; affecting our mood, impacting our sleep quality, influencing our ability to combat germs, determining the strength of our bones, and affecting how we remember. Growth hormone improves our quality of life and creates order within our bodies, but what happens when our hormone levels imbalance?

Our bodies can experience two very different outcomes. The conditions are what doctors call Growth Hormone Deficiency and Acromegaly (acro-meh-guh-lee). Growth Hormone Deficiency is when our bodies are no longer able to produce enough hormones for our bodies to function properly. Acromegaly is when our bodies produce too much growth hormone.  We do not treat Acromegaly at An Optimal You but we do treat Growth Hormone Deficiency when appropriate.

Roles of Growth Hormone

  • Growth hormone controls inflammation
  • Growth hormone improves stamina, memory, vision, ability to deal with stress, sleep
  • Growth hormone protects bones, immunity & organ systems including brain & heart
  • Growth hormone repairs the daily wear & tear
  • Growth Hormone
  • Growth Hormone Overuse

Growth Hormone Deficiency

If you have Growth Hormone Deficiency, you can experience fatigue, increased aches and pains, depression, trouble sleeping, and/or your mind may seem hazy. You can have trouble remembering things and your attention span may be much lower. You might notice weight gain (especially abdominal) from a lowered metabolism and feel much weaker from loss of muscle and bone mass.

Growth Hormone Overuse:

Growth hormone has gotten a bad reputation because of its overuse by athletes and bodybuilders who take it in doses a hundred times more than the body requires.

After the age of thirty, Growth Hormone declines more sharply than other hormones and is even lower in obese individuals. It is not a magic bullet. You must exercise, eat right, get good sleep and balance your other hormones before considering Growth Hormone replacement.

Signs of Imbalanced Growth Hormone:

  • Decreased mood & memory
  • Poor sleep
  • Increase fat & insulin resistance leading to weight gain
  • Increase in cholesterol
  • Poor healing

Treatment of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Hormonal levels are always fluctuating. You are never sure if you’re simply having a bad day or if there is something medically wrong with you. Doctors may tell you to sleep more, exercise more or to drink more water even though you are already doing what they ask. You get more sleep time in bed, but still feel drained.

Optimal You understands your frustrations.  Growth hormone deficiency come with a wide range of symptoms. We know that they are unique to every individual. As California’s #1 hormone replacement therapy facility, Optimal You promises you the best care during Human Growth Hormone (HGH) treatment.  Our first step is to properly balance your other hormones: Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, and Thyroid.  Often, balancing those hormones balance the Human Growth Hormone but if it does not, we offer treatment choices.  We can prescribe Sermorelin, which is a precursor to HGH, in an attempt to get your body to make more HGH.  The other option is to prescribe Human Growth Hormone itself.  These options are thoroughly discussed with you at your office visit.

We support you not only medically, but emotionally as well. We make sure that you know you are not alone. Optimal You will care for you every step of the way. Give us a call now and we will answer any questions or concerns you may have about Human Growth Hormone balancing.

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