Growth Hormone Balancing

Roles of Growth Hormone:

  • Growth hormone controls inflammation
  • Growth hormone improves stamina, memory, vision, ability to deal with stress, sleep
  • Growth hormone protects bones, immunity & organ systems including brain & heart
  • Growth hormone repairs the daily wear & tear
  • Growth Hormone
  • Growth Hormone Overuse

Growth Hormone Overuse:

Growth hormone has gotten a bad reputation because of its overuse by athletes and bodybuilders who take it in doses a hundred times more than the body requires.

After the age of thirty, Growth Hormone declines more sharply than other hormones and is even lower in obese individuals. It is not a magic bullet. You must exercise, eat right, get good sleep and balance your other hormones before considering Growth Hormone replacement.

Signs of Imbalanced Growth Hormone:

  • Decreased mood & memory
  • Poor sleep
  • Increase fat & insulin resistance leading to weight gain
  • Increase in cholesterol
  • Poor healing

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