Emily Stadick, N.P.

Emily Stadick

Emily is a California native and board-certified Nurse Practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing from Regis University in Colorado. She is a mom of three and takes to the air in flying trapeze classes in her spare time. She has 25 years of experience as a paramedic and registered nurse, is certified in ozone and prolozone therapy, and has a passion for connecting with and getting to know her patients as individuals.

Emily knew from a young age that she would work in healthcare. Her journey began when she started working as an EMT just out of high school. This unique experience gave her the foundation to treat people sick or injured in many different environments. She thrived in working in this “out of the box” environment and continued her education to become a paramedic.

She worked in Riverside County for ten years as a paramedic until her first child was born. This provided the impetus to expand her medical skills and become an RN. As an RN, Emily worked in Labor and Delivery, ER, and Hospice. She learned how to care for people from birth to death. However, the stressful environment of working in the traditional medical model took its toll on her health. 

Path To Alternative Medicine

Emily grew tired of seeing patients unable to get well under conventional medicine and started on a path to alternative, holistic, and integrative medicine. She first sought out other options to care for her Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. 

During her health journey, she found An Optimal You and started working in the IV room.  Emily is a specialist in our nutritional IVs, ozone, and Bioidentical Hormone Balancing.  Also, she specializes in BioEnergy testing and loves designing wellness programs for people.  The positive healing environment at An Optimal You gave her hope for the future of medicine. Because of this, Emily decided to return to school again because she felt she could make a difference working as a Nurse Practitioner in an environment like An Optimal You.

Emily is so excited to be able to offer her patients more as their nurse practitioner.  She is glad she works in an environment where she can spend time getting to know her patients and truly make a difference in their lives.  Emily loves integrating all the healing modalities, along with balancing hormones, to facilitate each patient’s ability to live as their “optimal you”!

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