Intuitive Consultant

Becky Kay Priest

Physic Medium

Becky Kay (Priest) is a Spiritual Psychic Medium who empowers and guides others as they take the steps through their life’s pathway. Through the positive messages given, the memories created by their journey, is unforgettable. Becky has communicated with “those to never be forgotten”, for the last 15 years. Becky has worked under the guidance of very influential and very empowering mentors through her journey as a Psychic-Medium.

Becky Kay continued her pursuit within the metaphysical world with an introduction into the areas of “Psychic Water Reading”, “Pendulum Reading” and “Psychometric “- (jewelry reading). Becky Kay is certified in “Medium-ship Platform” and “Psychic Medium-ship Development”, through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development, Los Angeles (LWISSD).

In her readings, Becky Kay uses her knowledge of psychic and Intuitive insight to give her clients guidance to navigate through their spiritual, personal and professional concerns.


Becky Kay will connect with your energy to give you specific details & guidance in the areas of Relationships, Romance, Family, Career and Finance. My readings are designed to be interactive so you will be able to ask questions.


Becky Kay will connect with Spirit to bring forward your loved ones that have crossed-over in a way that will make you feel as if they are in the room with you. I will bring forward their personality, hobbies and give their message in a loving and genuine manner. These sessions are fun and loving.

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