Detoxification and Heavy Metal Testing

Detoxification Therapy

Being overweight is a huge problem in our society. Obesity is an epidemic. Many concerns impact an individual’s ability to control their weight. Certainly, stress is a huge factor.

Chronic stress leads to adrenal problems with abnormal cortisol levels and subsequent weight gain. Stress leads to binge eating and subsequent weight gain. Stress leads to a sedentary life style with subsequent weight gain.

Dealing with stress is of utmost importance. It is then important to deal with adrenal dysfunction and the resulting endocrine imbalances that develop concerning the pancreas, the thyroid and sex glands. When hormones are imbalanced metabolism slows, sugar converts to fat instead of energy and depression sets in … compounding the problem! When people become depressed they often eat…. and gain weight.

With these concerns people often resort to caffeine to stay awake, starvation to lose weight, and medications to fight the pain. These further deregulate the metabolism … slowing the metabolism as the body tries to store energy, as fat, for survival. This leads to insulin resistance with abnormal sugar levels that feed yeast. Imbalances can occur resulting in Candidiasis. The candida produces an aldehyde which causes leaky gut. Leaky gut leads to food Allergies. Food allergies further interfere with thermogenesis making it almost impossible to lose weight.

Do You See Yourself Anywhere In This Maze?

Are you looking for a new approach to treatment for obesity, diabetes, poor circulation, stroke, high blood pressure or high cholesterol?

Have you been exposed to environmental pollutants? It is believed that your fat cells protect your body from heavy metals, which we are often exposed to through the environment. If you do not do proper detoxification while undergoing weight loss, most people feel tired and ill. This is felt to be due to the release of toxins, usually heavy metals. The body then hits a plateau, protecting you from further release of these toxins. This is quite frustrating to most people. In our experience we have found chelation treatments, combined with a rational and healthy meal plan, exercise, and supplements, to provide a valuable therapy for these conditions and much more.

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