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Welcome To An Optimal You – Integrative Medical Clinic

An Optimal You, serving Murrieta and Temecula is California’s #1 bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging center. Expert treatment is provided by industry-leading physician Dr. Laurie Blanscet, integrative medicine specialist Sharon Ackerman, PA-C and Emily Stadick, N.P. An Optimal You treating patients in Temecula and Murrieta specializes in helping men and women achieve optimum health through the use of bioidentical hormones, proper nutrition, weight loss, and exercise. Other services at our integrative medicine clinic include ozone therapy, chelation therapy and IV vitamin therapy.

We provide personable, customized, results driven wellness care so that you can feel your best for as long as possible. 

Our Hormone Replacement Philosophy-

At An Optimal You, we agree with Dr. John Lee’s rules for hormone replacement therapy:

  • Use hormones only if you need them; e.g. if they are measurably low and/or you have clear symptoms.
  • Use bioidentical hormones rather than synthetic hormones.
  • Use hormones only in dosages that create hormone balance.

Optimal Wellness Partners

An Optimal You Wellness Partners is a network of independent practices that consist of well trained and effective wellness oriented professionals that have united under one roof in order to make your life easy.

Meet Your Providers

Dr. Laurie Blanscet

Dr. Laurie Blanscet An Optimal You

Dr. Laurie Blanscet is the founder of An Optimal You and is a board certified Family Physician. After undergoing her own personal medical nightmare and almost dying in 2006, she decided to get additional training in prevention/integrative medicine so that her patients would never have to endure such an ordeal.

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Sharon Ackerman, PA-C

Sharon Ackerman

Sharon is dedicated to facilitating optimal health by finding the root of health problems, Sharon helps people lead healthier lives through Integrated Medicine. Wellness is our body’s natural state; if properly supported and nourished on all levels, vibrant health is the result.

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Emily Stadick, N.P.

Emily Stadick

Emily is a board certified Nurse Practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing. Emily has a passion for developing a relationship with her patients and providing personalized care for maximum effectiveness. Emily specializes in BioEnergy Testing, ozone therapy, chelation and more.

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Alissa Nazar, R.N.

Alissa Nazar

Alissa has been a registered nurse since 2006. She spent 14 years in the emergency room and trauma services. During 2020, she made the decision to leave the reactive nature of emergency medical care and pursue her passion for integrative and natural medicine. 

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Cecilia Santillan, R.N.

Cecilia Santillan

Cecilia is a board-certified Registered Nurse who loves nature, animals, and traveling. While obtaining her RN, she worked at An Optimal You administering integrative IV infusions. After earning her RN license in 2019, Cecilia pursued a career as a Medical-Surgical floor nurse at Inland Valley Medical Center. 

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What Is It Worth To Feel Great?

Getting properly balanced with bio-identical hormones for men and women is done outside of insurance. Balancing your Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen, etc takes the willingness to invest in yourself. In return, you save time, money and relationships.