Bio Energy Testing

Bio-Energy Testing

Bio Energy Testing is the most innovative health and anti-aging mechanism that our practitioners An Optimal You have ever witnessed. It combines the technology from Korr and specialized anti-aging computer algorithms to precisely measure how well your body creates energy. These tests can be run on adults and teenagers.

Every cell in your body contains thousands of energy-producing structures called mitochondria, which are commonly referred to as the powerhouse of the cell. These are the cells that turn sugars, fats and proteins that we eat, into forms of chemical energy that the body can use to carry on living. They also convert oxygen into the energy molecule ATP by burning fat and sugar. When your mitochondria cannot optimally produce energy your body cannot function.

The decreased mitochondrial function is the root cause of almost every disease, especially obesity, and even the very process of aging itself. Bio-Energy Testing not only determines how well your body can produce energy, it provides solutions to correct the problem.

What Is Aging?

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Aging is a medical term that refers to the progressive physical and mental deterioration that occurs as we get older. Aging is the process of growing older, but like the statement above says it is not only physically, but mentally as well. However, there are two types of aging, chronological aging, and biological aging.

We all have a chronological age. We celebrate that age every single year known as our birthday. We cannot control it, and it goes up by one every year. However, that age is just a number. All of us have a biological age as well. That number might go up by more than one every year. Fortunately, we have the power to control and even reverse our biological age.

The speed at which we age is solely dependent on energy production. Energy production has been the center of “anti-aging” for years. Unfortunately, the common theory is that decreased energy was the result of aging, but in fact, it is actually the complete opposite. By managing youthful energy creation as you grow older, you will be able to greatly slow down your body’s aging process.

Decreased energy is the cause of aging poorly. Once we start to slow down in life, whether that means retirement, or we stop doing the things that were keeping us fit and active, this is when we start to see and feel the aging process take place.

Decreased energy is the cause of aging!

What Causes Decreased Energy Production?

Every single aspect of your anatomy from your capacity to heal to your very thoughts themselves are 100% reliant on energy production. The reasons may vary between men and women. Men and women can also have decreased energy from low testosterone levels, thyroid issues, depression, and sleep deprivation. Decreased energy can also be caused by having too much caffeine, poor diets or skipping meals, and lack of exercise. All of which is evaluated for by one of our practitioners at An Optimal You.

Cause Of Lack Reduced Energy

Decreased energy is the cause of aging poorly. Once we start to slow down in life, whether that means retirement, or we stop doing the things that were keeping us fit and active, this is when we start to see and feel the aging process take place.

Decreased fat metabolism and decreased mitochondrial efficiency cause a decrease in energy production. (Note that the mitochondria are the parts of the cell in which oxygen is converted to energy.)

The processes of biological aging and degenerative disease can be slowed and even reversed by altering these two things to increase energy production. Bio-Energy Testing can determine some of the reasons why you cannot produce energy as well and let us know what is required to increase your energy production to optimal levels.

What is Bio-Energy Testing?

Bio-Energy Testing involves the use of a pulmonary gas analyzer to measure real-time breath by breath oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. A series of measurements are taken at rest and during a progressively more difficult exercise program. The difficulty of the exercise is correlated with your current exercise capability.

The Bio-Energy Testing computer program then calculates:

  • Your resting mitochondrial efficiency
  • Your resting fat metabolism
  • The heart rate range required to use up your fat stores.
  • Your optimum carbohydrate intake.
  • Your optimum caloric intake.
  • Your lung function.
  • Your heart function.
  • Your overall strength.
  • Your optimum exercise levels.

How Does Bio-Energy Testing Work?

The Bio-Energy Testing analyzer measures oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. The following items indicate how each part of production and consumptions works. This analysis helps determine the flow of operations throughout the human body.

  • Oxygen consumption directly determines mitochondrial efficiency.
  • Carbon dioxide production determines fat metabolism.
  • Optimum carbohydrate intake is determined by the ratio of oxygen consumption to carbon dioxide production.
  • Overall strength is determined by the amount of work you are capable of per unit of energy produced.

The Bio-Energy Testing analyzer sorts and analyses an enormous amount of data and calculates your energy production dynamics under both resting and exercise conditions.

Bio-Energy Testing algorithms present the results of these calculations in a way that can have an immediate clinical use. In addition, testing includes a pulmonary function test and body composition test. Your Biological Age is the age at which your body is effectively functioning. The Bio-Energy Testing computer determines your Biological Age by matching your energy dynamics with persons of various ages.

Who Should Be Tested?


Bio Energy Testing In California

The information gathered from Bio-Energy Testing can be used to help everyone. From older patients who wish to reverse the biologic age to physically fit patients who wish to optimize their athletic performance. Even teenagers can be tested.

Everyone in between needs to know this information to help lose weight and keep it off, increase muscle mass, and optimize energy production to age gracefully. This information should be known to everyone to increase their quality of life as well.

Bio-Energy Testing was first introduced to the healthcare profession in 2004, and since then new centers have been continuously opening up in both the United States and around the world. At An Optimal You, we pride ourselves on being the only Bio-Energy testing and healing center in the state of California. This testing will make a huge impact on your health and let you know what areas are being impacted by poor health decisions. Bio-Energy testing will bring to light the positive impacts you are making on your health as well. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment. Our team of practitioners are ready to help you take the next steps in bettering your future and keeping your youthful glow! Call us today.

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