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Simply, Iridology is the science of the iris of the eye. Iris analysis is based on the markings, fiber structures, pigmentation and color variations in the iris which are located in specific areas. If you have several different colored pigments scattered throughout your eyes, these ARE NOT toxins lodged in your body. These are “genetic” pigments.

When we keep in mind that it is usually the “weakest link in the chain” that breaks first, we know that if we do not live correctly, it is the weakest part of our body that begins to have problems.  Every part of the body is attached to a nerve.  These nerves travel up through the spinal column to a part of the brain and then the nerves dead-end into the optic nerve.  At approximately 9 weeks of development of the fetus, the optic nerve is produced as an extension of the brain.

When we look at the iris, we are seeing nerve reflex from every part of the body.  We know what part of the body is being affected by using a chart.  There are several Iridology charts to work with and I use my own chart I developed several years ago.

The history of Iridology goes back thousands of years and a great deal of research is being done today in many foreign countries.  Iridology is a wonderful tool to use to find out what our health level is and what we need to do to prevent problems in the future.  It will also tell us where problems are originating from and how the body is reacting to these problems.

What happens when you have an Iris Analysis done?

You will have pictures taken of both your right and left eye.  A Multi Pix digital camera is used and the pictures are displayed instantly on the computer screen.

The Iris Analysis or Iridology is then done.  Your constitution will be discussed (what type body you have inherited), what particular markings or pigment colors are showing in your iris and exactly what these mean.

You will be asked about specific symptoms you may be having or have had in the past.  The iris will tell us what part of the body is having problems at the present time.  An Iridologist cannot name a disease by looking at the iris.  We can, however, see what parts of the body may be in an overactive or underactive state and where pain or inflammation is originating from.  We spend about an hour together and a full,  recommended program is worked up for you, including diet, exercise and supplementation.

I believe in “Complimentary” medicine and what this means is that if I suspect a serious health problem, I will recommend you see your Doctor.Iridology helps you to build “Better Health Naturally” by alerting you to possible health problems, either present or future.  As a result, with this knowledge, you can prevent future health problems through proper diet and lifestyle for your Con

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