Keep healthy during quarantine

Things to do when “quarantined”

Right now a lot of places are closed and many people are in their homes wondering what to do.  This article is not going to debate what is going on, but rather offer you some insight on what you can do with this time instead of sitting on the couch eating potato chips and watching TV.

1.  Make a commitment to your health by cleaning out your cupboard and throwing out the junk food.   Fresh produce is abundant at the stores and you can have it delivered if you don’t want to go to the stores.  If you want a stock of non perishable items get things like nuts, protein bars, etc; things that are healthy and will last a while in your cupboard.  

2. Exercise.  The gyms may be closed but you can still go on a walk or bicycle ride.  If you don’t own gym equipment you can do pushups, squats, tricep dips etc using house hold items like couches or countertops.  Planks can be done using a rug to give cushion to your hands.  You can go to for some free workouts online.  There are a lot of resources out there!  Many personal trainers will do on line training.  You can dance in your living room to your favorite music.  Get off your tush and move your body!!  

3. Read a good book.  The online library is endless.  This is a great time to read!  

4. Help a neighbor.  Offer to do yard work or to go shopping for a neighbor in need: elderly, someone who is ill, etc.  Donate items and/or time at the local food bank.  Buy meals from a local restaurant and have it delivered to a first responder, a neighbor in need, etc.

5. Establish a daily morning routine that you can follow now and long term.  Set aside time to sit quietly and breath, to envision your day how you want it to unfold, to exercise, to read, to eat a healthy breakfast, etc.  Take this time to establish a positive daily habit that promotes mind and body wellness

6.  Keep up with important health items: necessary lab tests, contact with your doctor’s office regarding chronic and acute issues, etc.  Be proactive and not reactive with your health.  We specialize in hormone balancing and I have witnessed how much better my patients are doing who are staying on top of their bio-identical pellet schedule and hormone balancing appointments.  Many times, phone calls suffice and keep people on track.  For those with chronic issues such as diabetes, now is the time to get it under control.  99 percent of the people who become critically ill with the COVID-19 virus have an underlying serious medical condition, especially poorly controlled diabetes or obesity.  It is always the time to get those under control, especially now!  

7. Get outside daily!  It is important to smell the fresh air and experience the beauty of the world.  You can sit in your backyard or front yard or on a balcony.  You can go on a walk.  You could drive to a secluded place and enjoy nature.  You do NOT have to stay inside of your house–that is not a healthy way to spend your day.

8. Learn to meditate.  There are a lot of resources out there to help you.  Learning to quiet your mind will help calm you in any situation.  Meditation means different things to people.  In the end, it is about achieving a calmness of the mind.  The mind body connection is well documented.  Doing things to stay calm will go a long way towards keeping your body healthy.

9. Start coloring.  Adult coloring books are a wonderful way to release stress and calm the mind.  And you can post your drawing on the refrigerator if you want to 😉

10. Set up zoom, or some other type of online video chat, with your friends and families.  Stay connected!  We are social creatures and need to be around others.  If you can’t be with them physically, connect to them visually and by talking to them.

You will want to have your health when the “quarantine” is lifted.  What you do now to take care of your health will carry you through today and the future. Take this time to re-evaluate what you are doing to take care of you and commit today to improve upon what you are doing.  Be proactive, not reactive, with your health.  It is well worth it!!!

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