Let Nothing Stop You

Unstoppable Mindset for Health

Do you want to age well?  Aging well involves having the energy and motivation to do the things you enjoy doing, living a life without pain, having the brain function to remember and focus, etc.  Aging well means living as long as you can in a state of health and vitality that you desire.
When you think of aging and ways to age well, you may think of eating better, exercising, balancing hormones, and taking care of your skin.  All of these things are definitely important but have you thought about utilizing the power of your mind to age well??

If the answer is no, you are not alone.  Many people do not realize the incredible power that their mind has.  Having a healthy mindset and set of beliefs is critical to aging well.  Your mind is connected to your body, there is no way that anyone can argue the connection that the mind has with the body.  A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.  Many people suffer from a variety of ailments as a result of unhealthy habits and beliefs.    What are you doing on a daily basis to have an Unstoppable Mindset for
health and for aging well?

You may realize that you need to eat better, exercise more, turn off your phone, get to bed earlier, etc. to age well and you may actually desire to do these things, but a habit or belief is stopping you from making these necessary healthy changes in your life.  In working with my clients seeking to overcome their inability to take action towards a healthier life, I have found that by asking open ended questions we can uncover the underlying belief that is stopping them from moving forward and then come up with a solution.   The first step is building awareness and understanding the emotions behind why you take the actions you currently take, even if they are ultimately harming you.  Oftentimes, there is a subconscious belief that is affecting your conscious mind that you are not even aware of.  Once that belief is uncovered, it is easier to find solutions that your mind and body will want to follow.

I don’t want to write a book on this short newsletter so here is something quick and easy that you can do on your own: Think of a healthy habit that you want to start but have been unable to.  Take a piece of paper and write down your thoughts about this habit–write down any positive or negative emotion that comes up.  For example, you may want to stop eating pasta and bread because you know it affects your blood sugar, mood, and weight.  But when you think about stopping these foods you feel that you simply can’t stop  You tell yourself that you like this food and love to eat it.  When you think about stopping it completely you write down that you feel anxious about it.  Is it any wonder that you have not been able to consciously stop eating pasta and bread?  The emotional feelings from your subconscious mind have over powered your will power. 

Now that you realize that there are some deep seated emotional feelings with eating pasta and bread, forgive yourself for not breaking this habit sooner even though you have wanted to.  Recognize that there is some anxiety when you think of never eating these foods.  Tell yourself that you do not have to stop eating pasta and bread completely.  You can start with small steps.  Start by switching your bread and pasta to a healthier option–a protein based bread and pasta.  This will relieve the anxiety that you have when thinking about not eating these foods.  After a while, you can move on to reducing the amount that you eat and eventually you can find yourself not eating them at all (if that is what is desired).

If you would like further tips you may download my book for free “The Unstoppable Mindset for Health”.  In that book I explain how SEEKing Alignment in your Spiritual, Emotional, Energetic and (K)Chemical Being will have you being Unstoppable in anything you choose to do. The mind body connection is powerful.  As you are increasing your awareness of that connection now you will notice by doing new and different things on a regular basis your confidence is growing, the happy chemicals are flowing, gratitude is increasing. As things begin to shift in your mind, life becomes easier and living in abundance happens more often. What is needed to start is your courage and willingness to change.  Aging well starts with a choice.

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