Hormone Replacement Price Information

Getting started on your journey toward optimal health is as easy!

  1. Make a phone call (951) 541-3577 or send an email through the form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Get required saliva/blood testing and physical exam results as requested.
  3. Print the health questionnaire and consent forms (located under forms). Fill out and bring with you to your appointment.
  4. Consultation are paid for at the time of service. The consultation cost covers the initial appointment and follow up care for the first month. We do not bill insurance for our services, payment is due at the time of the consultation.
  5. After the initial 1-2 month period, a follow up appointment or start of an oversite plan is required in order to continue on the customized medication prescribed.

Initial Consultation

Focused Hormone Consultation: $400

These consults last approximately 60 minutes and include a health evaluation, lab work review, and treatment plan development to help you to reach optimal health.

The cost of your bio-identical hormone therapy is a separate cost. An Optimal You offers many treatment options customized to your needs. These options will be discussed with you at your consultation. Creams, capsules, and injections are obtained at the compounding pharmacy directly. Your cost depends on what you require and you pay the pharmacy directly.

Bio-Identical Pellets are also one of the treatments offered and these are administered in our office with a simple procedure.

Cost of bio-identical pellet insertion

  • Women $350
  • Men $750

Follow-up Care

Follow-up Care appointments: $200

This is for patients on creams, capsules, or injections. Follow up care appointments are tailored to provide the best care for each individual’s needs. The first follow up appointment is typically done two months after your initial appointment. Additional appointments vary from every 3 to 6 months depending on your needs.

Additionally, we offer oversight plans for patients who find it difficult to come in to the office for follow up appointments. Oversight plans are offered to patients in 6 and 12 month increments and involve e-mail and phone correspondence as needed.

Repellets (pellet insertion combined with follow up care appointment):

$425 women, $825 men

Repellets are done at 3 to 6 months depending on your needs. Timing of the Repellets is tailored to you. The cost of this visit includes the pellets and basic follow up care.

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