Holistic Cure For Anxiety

Holistic Approach To Reducing Anxiety

Have you ever felt anxious? Heart pounding? Mind racing?  Palms sweaty?  Nervous feeling?  Maybe you get this often or on occasion, but either way it’s not a fun thing to experience and it can result in insomnia, high blood pressure, and an overall reduced quality of life.  There are a multitude of drugs out there but we would like to offer you some alternative treatments and prevention techniques for reducing anxiety.  Here at An Optimal You we work alongside a variety of unique wellness partners and we have compiled a great list of things you can do.

Contribution by Sharon Mayberry, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

Whatever the root cause of your anxiety may be, essential oils, when used properly, have been clinically proven to help ease symptoms of anxiety. Essential oils contain chemical components which have the ability to help bring a feeling of calmness – sometimes this is all we need to help us get through stressful situations.

Each person experiences anxiety in a different way, so it is important to have your aromatherapist create an essential oil blend created especially for you. Some people get shortness of breath and heart palpitations, others have racing thoughts or sweaty palms, some just feel an overwhelming sense of panic or dread. There are many oils and different delivery methods to help alleviate these symptoms so that you can lead a happier, more productive life. Whether you experience anxiety on a regular basis or it is just situational, I encourage you to explore safe, natural, and organic options with your aromatherapist. 

Contribution from John Grant, Life Coach.

To decrease anxiety it is helpful to utilize visualization more often and enhance visualizing your success with powerful affirmations.   Here is an example for fear of “unknown” (insert what is causing anxiety) Fear in all situations is a fear of a feeling  and that feeling results from a story you have accepted at some point in your life.  If you are going to accept a story make it empowering and you will be lifting up your confidence,  self esteem and spirit. 

Here is a powerful visualization tool – Imagine that you are going on a trip and you have two suitcases; one you pack with all of your essentials,  clothes, toiletries,  snacks, etc… the second suitcase you pack with all your problems causing you anxiety ex. bills,  images of people, situations, health challenges, relationship challenges,  money and career challenges,  keep adding whatever is causing anxiety and be specific. 
Visualize yourself checking into the airport with your bags going down the conveyor belt to be loaded on the jet.  As you are sitting in your seat looking out the window you see your 2 bags on the cart that brings the luggage to the jet.  The bag with your problems falls off and gets run over by the cart.  The fueling truck swerves to miss the bag and jet fuel spills out onto your bag of problems. A loose hose bumps the ground and ignites the jet fuel.  Poof!! You watch as your bag of problems burns and a puff of wind blows the ashes into the air.  No more anxiety. And you don’t need to file a claim with TSA.

Contribution from Joseph Montgomery, PhD, Integrative Nutrition Specialist.

Drink Tea!  The best tea you can buy.  The flavor does not matter, the idea is that you use a teapot, give it time to steep, smell the process of the tea being aromatic and then drink the cup slowly or use smaller Japanese teacups to have to sit and focus on nothing but the tea and taking a drink.  Swallow.  Breathe.  Repeat!

If you are not a tea drinker, then this can simply be done with a glass of water.  The point is that you take time and your focus on your immediate surroundings.  Doing this regularly will reduce any tendency to have anxiety.

Wear blue blocker glasses when watching tv or using the computer.  This will reduce the stimulating effect these things have on your brain.

Use CBD as a naturally calming agent.  CBD in liquid form tends to be the most effective method of CBD administration for anxiety.  When buying CBD oil, it is important to get a pure, organic oil that is free of impurities.  When used appropriately, CBD calms your mind without any adverse effects.  If you need assistance with this, I offer a low cost consultation to guide you on the proper CBD.

Contribution from Dr. Laurie Blanscet. Integrative Medical Doctor.

And Sharon Ackerman, Integrative Physician’s Assistant 

We can do so many natural things for anxiety we could not just pick one so we are giving you our top 5 things to do.

1. Magnesium is a forgotten mineral that a lot of people lack.  It helps your mind and your muscles relax.  Taken at night before bed you can find yourself feeling more relaxed.  (Do be careful not to overdo the Magnesium as some people can have GI side effects.). 

2. Progesterone is a hormone that both men and women should have in their body.  A lack of Progesterone can result in an anxious feeling and insomnia.  Progesterone is calming and can also help with sleep.  Bio-identical Progesterone is a safe and effective treatment for anxiety and insomnia.

3. L-Theanine is an amino acid that has a calming effect.  It is easy to find as a supplement in its own or in combination with other calming agents.  Taken regularly you can find yourself feeling calmer and less anxious.

4.Write in a gratitude journal daily.  Our brains are wired to look for danger to stay alive.  Train your brain to look at the positive things in your life.  Writing down three things each day that you are grateful for will train your brain to be positive and less anxious.

5.Move your body.  Regular exercise helps to release pent up energy that can turn into anxiety. Also, when you find yourself feeling anxious change your position–stand and walk if you are sitting.  By changing your body’s movement you can interrupt the anxiety program in your brain.

Contribution from Nancy Holguin, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

The cause of most of the anxiety we experience is due to conflict with our family, friends or people we work with.  Our immediate response is to react defensively, creating anxiety having taken the information personally.  However, there is another way!  We’ve designed a 4-Step Conflict Resolution process using Mindfulness to address conflict in a more fulfilling & peaceful way, enhanced with Hypnotherapy to allow the inner mind to easily adjust to a new philosophy quickly and easily.  STEP #1: Take your time.  Don’t react, breathe in and out slowly 3-4 times.  If an immediate response is required, use a phrase like:    “Let me think about that and get back with you “STEP #2: Don’t take it personally.  When approached in an inconsiderate or thoughtless way, the conflict is probably not even about you.  Nasty, ugly conflict is usually about the person proclaiming it.  It’s often tied to insecurity, jealousy or a general unhappiness within themselves.  Recognizing this will allow you to investigate the information and prepare you for step #3.STEP #3: What’s here for ME?  Regardless of how the information was delivered, ask yourself if there is anything useful or helpful you can do with the information?     Ex:  Someone yells at you, saying you’re horrible at returning messages.  Ask yourself, could I use improvement in this area?  See what is there for you, find the treasure wrapped in ugly wrapping paper.STEP #4: Find the highest road you can take and take it!  Look for the most beneficial way to create a peaceful interaction, whether they respond in kind or not.  Remember, you’re not responsible for the way other people handle the situation, but you are responsible for how you react.  Your reaction will either increase your discontent, anxiety, and stress or increase your confidence, peace of mind & self-respect.      Ex: I thought about what you said, and in fact there IS room for improvement in how I respond to returning messages.  I appreciate being made aware of that.  In the future if there is something you want to bring to my attention, let’s agree that we can approach each other with respect and consideration.  For those that continue to experience anxiety, Hypnotherapy is a gentle, safe, and comfortable therapy and it’s a great way to take more control over your life in a natural and holistic way.


For those who experience anxiety at times, or almost all the time, you now have a large toolbox of natural treatment and prevention ideas from our wellness center.  Anxiety is something that can be effectively treated without using side effect ridden medication.

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