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IV’s and Staying in Optimal Wellness

When people think about getting an IV they often think about being in the hospital and getting an IV only when they are sick and in dire straits.  Those types of IV’s are utilized on a daily basis around the world.  But, if your focus is on staying out of the hospital, on staying well, and on preventing illness and disease, then you will want to know about wellness IV’s.  

A wellness IV is an IV that you get in a doctor’s office with the goal of optimizing your health.  Your body is an amazing network of cells that require certain nutrients, water, and oxygen in order to function optimally.  When your cells function optimally, you look and feel your best.  A wellness IV is one way to ensure that your cells are receiving exactly what they need in order to function optimally.  
Often we do not give our cells what they need in the foods that we eat and besides that, we are continuously exposing them to toxins (stress, chemicals, artificial hormones, etc.)  which affects their nutrient requirements and ability to function.  This can result in fatigue, increased aches and pains, an increased susceptibility to infections (viruses, Lyme disease, Shingles, etc.), a diagnosis of an autoimmune disease (M.S., Hashimotos thyroiditis, Lupus, etc.), a cardiovascular disease (heart attack, elevated blood pressure, peripheral vascular disease, etc.), an overall decrease in vitality, etc.  The list goes on……

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves.  If your body does not heal correctly, you may get sick often, and/or you have a chronic disease; this indicates that your cells do not have the appropriate nutrients and environment to heal correctly.
I always advise having a healthy whole food diet, getting adequate sleep, having regular exercise, minimizing toxin exposure, taking the right supplements, and getting your hormones balanced.  All of these things are important to feeling healthy and vital.  Getting a wellness IV is an easy thing to add to your wellness regime to ensure that your body is functioning optimally.  

If you are overall feeling well, then you may want to add in a wellness IV on an as needed basis to keep your body in optimal shape.  If you have any symptoms or have been diagnosed with an illness or disease then you will want to add in a wellness IV on a more regular basis until you are feeling much better.  

People that have autoimmune diseases have seen their symptoms decrease or disappear with the use of wellness IV’s combined with appropriate lifestyle changes.  How amazing is it to have that happen without the use of medications??   

I have had patients diagnosed with Shingles who came in for a wellness IV two days in a row, subsequently feeling great!  I have also had patients with other acute viruses and even the recently highly publicized post viral syndrome (from a virus which I can not name here but that is on the news everywhere…) who come in for a few wellness IV’s and had what seemed like miraculous recoveries.  These IV’s have been absolutely amazing and I have seen zero complications from them.  Yet if I talk about them publicly in relation to the current infection being talked about, that information is taken down.  This is why I wanted to write this article, so that I can share this information and let you make your own choices. 

How often you get a wellness IV depends upon what you are getting it for.  If it is for prevention then typically people get an IV before travelling, when around ill people, or every few months.  If is for therapy, then it depends on what you have.  If it is an acute illness such as a viral infection then typically a few IV’s, spaced apart based upon the illness, is adequate.  If it is a chronic illness such as an autoimmune disease or cardiovascular disease then typically it is a series of wellness IV’s spaced 1-2 weeks apart.

What IV should you get??

There are several wellness IV’s  that I absolutely love.  In fact, this past year I have seen my patients who get wellness IV’s do extremely well despite everything going on.

1. Myers Cocktail

The Myers Cocktail is a mixture of vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium and calcium.  Getting these nutrients in IV form ensures that your body absorbs them.  In times of stress our digestive system does not function optimally and may not absorb these nutrients optimally.  This IV is a great one to get before traveling, when feeling run down, or when around people who have a viral illness.  
The Myers Cocktail IV boosts your immune system and helps you to fight and prevent infections.  It can also increase overall energy, although for some people it has a calming effect (typically for people who need that ;)).  It can also help with detoxification.  
This IV is often added to the Glutathione and/or the Ozone IV for a combined effect.  The Myer’s Cocktail is given in about 10-15 minutes.

2. Glutathione

Glutathione is one of your body’s most potent antioxidants and it assists in healing broken, damaged cells.  Your body cannot always keep up with the demands of your body which is where supplementation comes in.  If you take glutathione orally it has been shown not to be effective.  The best way to supplement with glutathione is through an IV.  An injection of glutathione into your muscle can also be done.

Glutathione is often combined with either the Myers Cocktail or the Ozone IV, or all three IV’s can be safely given together.  The glutathione IV is given in about 10-15 minutes.

3. Ozone

In an Ozone IV, an O3 molecule (3 oxygen molecules bound together) is created utilizing a high quality ozone generator and medical grade oxygen immediately before having it given to you.  The air that we breathe is O2–two oxygen molecules.  The extra oxygen molecule in the ozone created in the medical environment is extremely active and wants to leave the O3 molecule. This is what makes ozone therapy such an amazing treatment.

With an ozone IV, your blood is safely  taken through the use of an IV and it flows easily into a sterile IV bag.  Medical grade ozone is then infused into your blood and is mixed into your blood.  Your ozonated blood is then put back into your body.  The entire process takes about 20-30 minutes.  We do not advise that ozone be directly injected into your body, it can create some complications.  When infusing medical grade ozone into your blood as described above, and then infusing ozonated blood into your body, we do not have any unforeseen issues.  It is a safe and effective treatment when performed correctly by a trained professional who uses a high quality medical grade ozone machine.

Your ozonated blood is pumped through your body.  The extra oxygen molecule is taken up by your cells and basically “jumpstarts” your mitochondria.  Your mitochondria are the engines to your cells.  Ozone therapy gets your body to increase its oxygen utilization and allows your cells to function optimally again.  

IV ozone therapy helps to balance out your immune system and can be utilized to help your body fight infections (both acute and chronic) as well as calm down the immune system, helping with autoimmune diseases.  Think about your immune system as a teeter totter with optimal health requiring it to be in balance. If your immune system is hyperactive you can have an autoimmune disease (where your body fights itself) and if your immune system can’t keep up you can see an acute or chronic illness (severe viral infection, Shingles, Lyme disease, etc.).  What is amazing about ozone therapy is that it helps to balance the immune system teeter totter, treating both sides of the spectrum.  It can help your body to heal no matter what your immune system is doing–being hyper or hypo active.

IV ozone therapy is also effective at helping arteries stay clear and assisting your body in eliminating toxins, such as heavy metals.  I also love it as a general anti aging IV in keeping your cells in a vital and healthy state.
The ozone IV can be safely given with both the Myers Cocktail and the glutathione IV’s.  The ozone IV takes about 20-30 minutes.

In Summary:
We are all made up of cells that are responsible for ensuring that our body functions optimally.  When the cells do not function properly, the body suffers.   At least 50% of the American population is suffering from a chronic disease and an overwhelming majority of Americans suffer from recurrent infections, fatigue, pain, etc.  This can rob you of your vitality and ability to function in your life.  

Our body has the amazing ability to heal itself and when it is not doing that, something is wrong.  Often the body is deficient in nutrients or oxygen utilization.  You can support your body by eating a healthy whole food diet, getting adequate rest, exercising regularly, avoiding toxins as much as possible, taking the right supplements, and getting your hormones balanced.  In addition, by getting a wellness IV, you can help your cells to regain their optimal function.

If you are interested in getting a wellness IV please contact our office for an appointmentThere is also more information and pricing here.

(Please note that concierge patients receive a discounted price from what the prices that are listed on the website.  Also, in order to help your friends and family, and because the wellness IV’s are safe and effective, patients do not need to have been seen in our office by one of the medical providers in order to get an IV.  All IV’s are given by RN’s and are properly supervised)

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