Is Bio-Energy Testing Right For You?

Lisa is a 37 year old woman. She was frustrated with her inability to lose weight. Lisa felt like she was doing everything that she could to lose weight but it just would not come off.

Lisa’s story is similar to a lot of people that I encounter on a daily basis. The first step was to get her hormones balanced. By doing this she was able to sleep better, have the energy to exercise, and have the ability to recover better from exercising. This also gave her the motivation required to adjust her diet.

Healthy Lifestyle in a word cloud.

Lisa did the bioenergy test at the office and that gave us valuable information. We learned that she had to be on a no carb diet for her body’s metabolism. By working with our integrative nutrition specialist she was able to eat the right foods for her. Everyone has different sensitivities to carbohydrates and we were able to figure out the best percentage for her body.

We also uncovered that her thyroid needed to be adjusted even more than we had originally thought. The test gives us the information needed to truly optimize the thyroid levels.

We also uncovered the fact that she was exercising too hard and her body was storing fat as a result. The bioenergy test revealed the exact heart range that she needed to get in for her body to burn fat. As a result, she adjusted her exercise regimen.

Losing the unwanted fat is a process and Lisa is well on her way to attaining her goal. By using the information from the test results she has been able to fine tune her efforts and will achieve success. She now has the roadmap to success.

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