Immune Boosting Foods

Top 5 Immune boosting Foods and Supplements

There are a lot of products out there this time of year that claim “if you take our powder or tablet you can help diminish the symptoms of a severe cold or flu”. It has always been my attitude to never allow myself to become ill in the 1st place. So why not begin to incorporate these 5 foods and supplements into your daily routine and help prevent anything from ever making you feel like you don’t want to get out of bed today! After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

1. The 1st food to mention is something that a great number of people know about but don’t always get in proper daily levels to prevent illnesses. The classification of food known as citrus fruits is amazing! Citrus foods contain Vitamin C and Vitamin C in the body works as an antibiotic. It helps destroy viruses, bacteria, and molds that you are exposed in many various ways each day without even knowing it. The average person might resort to taking a milligram of Vitamin C per day in pill form for protection. It is simply easier, works more effectively, and is less stressful on your body to get Vitamin C from 2-3 food sources on a daily basis than to rely on a tablet form. Some great food sources of Vitamin C are camu Camu Berry, Amlalaki Berry, or Aronia Berry. Getting your Vitamin C from food sources on a daily basis will keep your body’s defenses in top condition.

2. Herbs are a wonderful food source for a variety of reasons. The best herbs to begin working with daily, in order to boost your immune system, are Rosemary, Turmeric, and Ginger. It was recently determined that blood cells from people who consumed Rosemary, Ginger or Turmeric for a week showed an enhanced protection from daily oxidative damage. The herbs also lowered the inflammatory markers in body. Lowering inflammation in your body results in less risk of a variety of diseases, including respiratory illnesses.
Begin to incorporate these herbs into cooking chicken dishes, put them on top of salads, or add them into your soups and stews to boost the ability of your body to feel it’s best every day and avoid illnesses.

3. There is another herb that is more specifically for using in the winter season as it can dramatically enhance your immune function. That herb is Cinnamon. Specifically the islands of Ceylon variety of Cinnamon, not the typical Saigon or basic Cinnamon that many people have begun to use in large and very cheap containers. In this case, cost does matter. Ceylon Cinnamon is true Cinnamon and does NOT have the specific compound that destroys liver function and can create stress in the digestive system. The cheaper Saigon or basic Cinnamon can have that compound and that is dangerous for your health. Do not get caught off guard and buy substandard Cinnamon.

4. Vitamin D3 is a long-term preventative supplement item that many people lack regardless of their levels of health and fitness. A low Vitamin D level becomes the silent activator of rapid declines in health and human cellular function. This results in an increased incidence of respiratory illnesses like “The Flu” and “The Common Cold”. Keeping your vitamin D levels in the optimal range of 60-80+ ng/ml of blood volume can prevent the long duration and the negative impact of infections of all types.

5. Lastly, it sounds very counterintuitive for most people, but your immune system is directly affected by the level of probiotic and digestive enzyme levels within your bowels. Therefore, if you have dysbiosis (unhealthy gut bacterial balance) then it is likely you are a person who becomes ill routinely and stays ill longer than those around you. This is why avoiding antibiotics is so critical for optimum health. One dose of low-grade antibiotics makes you more susceptible to getting a recurring infection in the next 6-12 months. By boosting your immune system, hopefully you will not get sick enough to need antibiotics. If you do need antibiotics, be proactive about repopulating the future bacteria. To keep your gut bacteria healthy on a regular basis, you can eat sauerkraut, kimchi, kevita, pickles, kombucha, and/or yogurts. There are also a variety of probiotic supplements that will keep your gut supplied with plenty of good gut bacteria. Having healthy gut bacteria will help keep your immune system in top fighting condition.

These Top 5 Foods and Supplements should be incorporated every day in your journey towards becoming optimally healthy and they will help you to fight off and prevent infections. Health is a lifestyle. The cost is minimal each day when compared to the cost and the life impact of hospitalization and intense medication use after a major incident. By adding these items on a daily basis, many connected systems of the body can improve and you will begin to live and feel your best each day. By protecting your body and providing it with key ingredients on a daily basis, you will prevent the suffering from an acute illness such as “The Flu”.

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