Testosterone Hormone Replacement

Testosterone: More Than A Sex Drive Enhancer

Many people think Testosterone is a purely male hormone and that it’s only function is to increase sex drive.  This is untrue.  Testosterone is important for both men and women, and it performs a wide variety of functions in the body.

Testosterone does play a part in our sex drive but it is so much more important for our bodies.  It helps your body to heal and promotes a healthy muscle growth and fat loss (lifestyle plays a big part too!).  Testosterone is one of the best natural antidepressants by naturally improving our moods.  It also helps increase focus and improve memory.

An optimal Testosterone level helps your skin and bones to be healthy.  For women, it helps you to avoid night sweats and for men it helps you to have good erections.  This is just a few of the benefits of Testosterone, the list of the benefits of Testosterone is long.

Optimal levels of Testosterone is different from normal.  Normal lab values are skewed as they represent the average Testosterone level of a random group of people, without regard to their level of health and function. The “normal” lab value for Testosterone represents a Testosterone level that is actually low, but is sadly called “normal”.  

An optimal level of Testosterone is the level seen in people who look and feel great.  Optimal levels of Testosterone are higher than what is considered “normal”.  The bottom line is this: If you have symptoms of low Testosterone but are told your levels are “normal”, you may want to seek the evaluation of a bioidentical hormone specialist.

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