Testosterone The Misunderstood Hormone

Testosterone is not just for men and it is not just for sex drive. Men have a higher amount of Testosterone in their body but women need Testosterone too. In terms of libido (sex drive), Testosterone is like gas to a car. It is important to have but it is not the whole reason for a healthy sex drive. You might have gas in a car, but it still might not drive because of motor or ignition issues. Optimal Testosterone levels are important to have for a healthy sex drive, but putting “gas in the tank” may just be one of the things that is needed in order to increase libido.

Testosterone performs a variety of functions in the body. It helps your body to heal and helps bones to be strong, It assists you in having healthy skin and a positive mood. Testosterone can give you energy and motivation. It can also help you to focus and think more clearly. For women, it can eliminate feeling too hot and get rid of night sweats. Testosterone is a necessary hormone for optimal functioning of both men and women and replacing deficient Testosterone levels is an important piece of living an optimal life.

Natural ways to increase Testosterone is to eat a paleo type diet and to exercise regularly. By avoiding excess stress and toxins that disrupt your hormones, you can help your body to keep a healthier Testosterone level. But even if you do these things, in today’s world a large majority of men and women are deficient in Testosterone when they are in their 30’s and beyond. Replenishing your Testosterone can help you to regain your life so that you feel better which usually helps you to eat better, exercise more, sleep better, and enjoy life more. (and a side benefit is usually an improved libido :))

Testosterone can be replaced safely under the supervision of a medical provider who understands hormones and looks at the big picture. It is important to look at all of your hormones as well as your toxin exposure and lifestyle, and to monitor your progress. Testosterone can be replaced in the form of creams, injections, or pellets. The form that you choose must be customized to your needs.

Everyone has a different body, lifestyle, and needs-not everyone should get the same treatment. I have had patients come to me simply for Testosterone replacement and I have uncovered a Thyroid and Vitamin B12 deficiency. Each person is different and needs a customized approach and this simply can not be done under health insurance. Health insurances are there for disasters, just like our car insurances. They are not designed for wellness care, they are designed for disease care. That is ok, it is just important to understand the difference.

Hormone balancing is best done with bioidentical hormones that are biologically the same as the hormones that your body should be making but is not making. This must be done by someone properly trained in bioidentical hormones. This type of training is not given in medical school–I know because I have been to medical school and after my hysterectomy I had to search out proper training in hormone balancing. It takes a little time, money and patience to get a proper hormone balance but aren’t you worth that??

If you do not feel optimal and know that something is not quite right with your body, I advise that you get your hormones evaluated by someone in your area that has had special training and experience in bioidentical hormones. Testosterone is just one of the hormones that may be out of balance.

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