In the United States an estimated 75 to 90 % of doctor visits are for stress related problems. Yet the majority of people fail to recognize the degree of damage that chronic stress is inflicting on their health. Chronic stress is a strain on the body.

tips to reduce stress

Chronic stress diminishes the body’s ability to fight illnesses and can affect your mind and heart. Stress directly impacts your adrenal glands, which are the glands that respond to stress to keep you alive. With acute stress our body has a flight or fight response–allowing you to get away from danger or to fight the source of danger. We need this response to stay alive when faced with something that can harm us.

Chronic stress causes the release of cortisol. Our bodies were not developed to have continued chronic stress, i.e. day after day, year after year. Traffic, toxins constant bombardment of phone calls, financial issues, negative news, etc. Chronic stress depletes our cortisol over time. It affects your blood pressure, interferes with sleep, affects blood sugar control, diminishes your ability to lose weight, increases anxiety and depression, causes fatigue, affects your sex hormone production (Testosterone, Progesterone, and Estrogen ), and diminishes your immune system.

Reducing stress is a critical part of feeling well. Turn off the news and turn off your phones. Take an epsom salt bath, take a restorative yoga class, and deep breathe slowly throughout the day. Grounding, aka earthing, is also helpful. The earth offers healing potential. Try exposing your skin to sand, dirt, grass, or salt water for 30 minutes a day or purch a second an earthing mat. Be aware of your stressors and take control. Your life will improve aresult.

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