Stress And Hormones

Stress affects your hormones. Excess stress depletes your Cortisol and Progesterone, and it affects your Testosterone and Estrogen levels. Depletion of your hormones causes fatigue, insomnia, depression, irritability, anxiety, decreased focus, poor memory, and an overall decreased vitality.

Replacing your deficient hormones with bioidentical hormones helps you to feel and function better. Optimal hormone levels helps you to combat the daily stress of life. Taking bioidentical hormones is an important piece of what we need to feel great in today’s world. It is not the only piece.

Stress written in sand with water washing it away

Decreasing the stressors in your life is also important–it will reduce the strain on your body. Do what you can to avoid toxic people and situations. Avoid watching the news and turn off your phone at a set time every night. Be aware of things that cause stress and minimize or avoid what you can.

You can also help your body deal with the stressors you can’t avoid by taking regular deep breaths–breathing deeply and slowly is calming and detoxifying. Taking epsom salt baths, participating in restorative yoga classes, getting regular massages, meditation, getting acupuncture treatments, etc are all great ways to help your body and mind detoxify and recover from stress.

Obtaining optimal health involves addressing multiple things. Bioidentical hormone replacement is a great start to get you feeling better. It is also important to destress your life as much as possible and to do regular activities that helps your body cope with today’s world.

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