PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP and Pain

Platelet Rich Plasma and Pain, what does it mean? Many people complain about joint aches/pain. A joint is where two bones are “linked together” by ligaments which then allows us to have movement. Cartilage is the cushion between the bones (at the joints) and allows for movement without pain.

Arthritis occurs when the cushion (cartilage) gets “irritated” and the ends of the bones (at the joint) actually get an abnormal buildup of bone. This causes pain and stiffness at the joint.

Glucosamine, chondroiten, and MSM are all natural joint support supplements that can help by repairing the cartilage. However if you don’t see a benefit after 8 weeks they are unlikely to help you. Pain medications are available but do not repair anything, they simply serve to help the pain.

A fairly new procedure available is PRP (platelet rich plasma) and stem cell treatment. This is a procedure where your own cells are used to help your body to repair itself. It is a great alternative to joint replacement surgery.

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