Pellet Testimony

The Miracle of Hormone Pellets

I just wanted to say what a God send bioTE has been to me. About 2 years ago I started to notice my hair falling out, my skin drying up, massive mood swings (never had those before), lack of concentration, poor sleep, weight gain (I run 6 miles a day 5 days a week plus do weights 5 days a week, I eat REALLY healthy/balanced), very unfocused, low libido and starting to feel depressed.

After seeing more than 4 doctors in a 2 year span nothing was changing, I kept gaining weight and feeling more depressed. I was about to give up and accept the fact that I was a 49 yr old woman and this is how it was supposed to feel. Then I found a doctor who took the time to speak with me and educate me on bioTE. My doctor inserted the pellets in her office on 4/29/2013 in a 15 minute procedure (talking took most of that time).

It has been a week and I can not only feel the difference but see it. I am more alert, have great concentration, more energy, mood swings are lessening, in general, I feel like I know I should be feeling. Can’t wait to see my health in general improve.

Thank you for bioTE, you have a lifetime patient/client!

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