Ozone Therapy Facts

Approximately 50% of Americans are suffering from chronic disease and chronic disease is the cause of about 3/4 of all deaths. People are suffering from pain, fatigue, cancer, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, etc at an alarming rate. It is robbing people of their vitality and costing each person thousands of dollars per year.

We are all made up of cells that are at the root of ensuring that our body functions properly. When the cells do not function properly, the body manifests symptoms such as diseases, cancer, fatigue, pain, etc.

Our body has the capability to heal itself. When the body does not heal itself, it is lacking something or it is toxic. The body can be deficient in hormones, vitamins, minerals, etc and/or it can be toxic from heavy metals, infections, etc. At the core of the dysfunction is our mitochondria. The mitochondria are the “engines” in each of our cells. Each cell has a number of them. It is estimated that about 10% of our body weight is mitochondria.

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In order to function properly your mitochondria need oxygen, glucose (broken down from food), and certain vitamins. An optimal thyroid hormone level is also critical for your mitochondria to work well. Essentially your mitochondria takes oxygen and nutrients and turns it into energy (plus CO2 which gets eliminated). When your mitochondria do not utilize oxygen properly, your body can not create the energy that it requires in order to perform its functions. When this happens, you can feel fatigued and you are prone to get diseases including cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, heart disease, etc. The bio-energy test can actually measure the health of your mitochondria if you are simply wanting to know if your mitochondria are optimized.

You can support your mitochondria by eating healthy whole foods and by exercising regularly. It is also important to have your hormones properly balanced and to detoxify your body. In addition, ozone therapy is a form of treatment that we use in order to enhance oxygen utilization. It works wonderfully alongside a holistic approach to support your body through nutrition, detoxification, and hormone balancing.

Ozone is created in the medical environment by using medical grade oxygen and a high quality ozone machine. There are inexpensive machines out there but they have substandard parts that can actually introduce toxins into the ozone being created and a few have been known to explode. A properly made ozone generator is safe and it creates ozone which is O3 (the air we breathe is O2). Ozone is a gas and it is perfectly safe in the human body since it is in a liquid environment. It can be a respiratory irritant so it is never given as an inhalent. Ozone therapy is first line therapy in many other countries, sadly it is not well known within the USA.

Tessla actually created an ozone generator in the late 1800’s and medical use of ozone has been utilized for over a century. Ozone is a safe and effective way to “jumpstart” your mitochondria. Ozone therapy gets your body to increase its oxygen utilization and enables your body to heal itself. Your body has the capacity to heal, ozone therapy, alongside nutritional and hormonal support, gives your body what it needs in order to heal.

Ozone therapy can be given in many different ways. It can be given in Iv form–about a pint of your blood is taken out and ozone is added to it before it is infused back into you. This is great for systemic illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, autoimmune illnesses, etc. Ozone can also be given rectally–you insert a small catheter into your rectum and then press on a bag filled with ozone in order to insert the ozone into the rectal area. This is great for people with bowel diseases, and it also does have a systemic effect as well. Ozone can also be given vaginally–you lay comfortably with a catheter inserted into the vagina while ozone is gently infused into the vaginal area for about 20 minutes. This does absorb systemically and is an alternative for women who can not tolerate the IV form.

Ozone can also be used for cosmetic purposes–injecting it into wrinkles, spider veins, cellulite, and areas of hair loss. Focused areas of pain can have prolozone injections–an injection of a customized vitamin mix followed by an ozone injection. This can help your body to heal all kinds of musculoskeletal pain: joints (arthritis), tendons, ligaments, fascia, and muscles. Prolozone is a way to administer ozone directly into specific areas of pain in the body–shoulders, knees, wrists, ankles, feet, back, etc. Prolozone injections give those areas what they need in order to heal.

We now realize that people age poorly and suffer from disease when the mitochondria stop functioning optimally. In order for your mitochondria to function optimally it is important to support them through hormone balancing, proper nutrition and supplementation, along with safe detoxification. Ozone therapy administered by a properly trained medical professional is a safe and effective treatment that works alongside these treatments. Ozone greatly enhances your body’s inborn capability to heal itself. It can be used to help you to age optimally or it can be used to fight against pain, fatigue, chronic disease, cancer, etc.

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