Optimizing Your Hormones

Hormonal balance means feeling great and being able to enjoy your life. It would be great if it were as simple as just taking bio-identical hormones. They help tremendously but they are not the complete answer.

Think of your optimal health and well being as a circle and this circle has several pieces. Getting your Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone, Thyroid, and Cortisol balanced through the use of bioidentical hormones and proper supplementation is a piece of that circle. Optimizing that piece can give you more energy and focus which hopefully helps you to address the other pieces.

The other pieces to address are your nutrition, your stress, your toxin exposure, your sleep (often helped with hormone balancing), and your exercise. Focus on a whole food organic diet full of vegetables and healthy protein sources. Drink water and consume minimal, if any, alcohol and caffeine. Do yoga and breathing exercises–work on your response to stress. Develop good sleep habits and take time out daily to move your body and exercise.
These things will take time but are well worth it. I have seen the most amazing results when my patients utilize bioidentical hormones and take an active role in improving all of the pieces. Your life is worth it!!

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