Naturally Clear Arteries

Heart disease is prevalent and a big concern for many people. Lifestyle modifications are important for keeping your arteries clear–not smoking, eating healthy whole foods, regular exercise, and minimizing stress. In addition, there are medical alternatives to traditional medications and surgeries that are felt to be effective for people who have heart disease and for those who wish to prevent heart disease.

Heart Isolated Inside Body

Two of these medical therapies are IV chelation and ozone therapy. They have both been around for quite a while. Chelation involves administering a chelating agent that pulls out heavy metals. It is believed that heavy metal deposition is possibly a part of atherosclerosis (“hardening of the arteries”). By getting a chelating agent IV(intravenous), your body is now able to properly eliminate these unwanted metals from your blood vessels along with removing them from other places in your body. The chelating agent binds to the heavy metals and enables the secretion of the unwanted metals in your urine and stool.

Ozone therapy involves taking about 75 to 150 ml of your blood and then adding ozone to your blood and reinfusing this ozonated blood into your body. Ozone is a highly active gas that has been seen to have numerous beneficial effects on your body. Essentially, the ozonated blood circulates throughout your body and activates your cells to heal.

People who have received this combination of chelation and ozonated blood have been observed to have less cardiac events than those who have not received this type of treatment. In fact, patients who have had a heart attack have been observed to have no further cardiac events when following the properly supervised protocol. (These are not expensive double blinded studies, this is based on years of observing patients by doctors who administer this type of treatment. It is difficult to get funding for the double blinded studies).

Ultimately lifestyle changes are the best defense against heart disease. Exercise regularly, eat a whole food diet, don’t smoke, minimize stress, keep your blood pressure controlled, etc all help you. IV chelation and ozone therapy gives you an additional way to help your arteries and heart.

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