Men and Hormones

Men Need Hormones Too!

You may think that bioidentical hormone replacement and hormone balancing is just for women but men need it too! Men have the same hormones that women do, just in different ratios. Men are affected by all of the hormone disruptors in the environment and, as a result, they end up with low testosterone and also other hormones.

Low testosterone is the most common hormone deficiency that I see in men. It is easy to miss if you don’t know that it can occur. Among other things, low testosterone can manifest as fatigue, grumpiness, a decrease in sex drive, a decrease in muscle mass, mental fogginess, or just a general decrease of the overall zest for life.

Treatment for low testosterone is best done by bioidentical testosterone combined with healthy life style changes (adequate sleep, good nutrition, and minimizing exposure to hormone disruptors). Topical testosterone cream and implanted testosterone pellets are the two safest and most effective ways to replace testosterone. The goal is to feel vibrant and alive without having any side effects. Using the proper dosage of bioidentical hormones
achieves that goal.

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