Magic Pill For Feeling Great

A lot of people search for the magic pill, supplement, diet, etc that will make them feel great. I wish that I could tell you that one exists but it does not. Feeling great doesn’t come from just one thing.

Years of treating patients, going to different conferences, and reading a variety of books has made me realize that achieving optimal health involves addressing multiple things. Everything we eat, drink, watch, say, and use impacts our body. We are complex beings and our bodily functions are complex.

Hand that is holding a pill

It is important to pay attention to everything — to be aware. You must be aware that everything affects you in some way. The good news is that you do not have to be perfect and you can change what you do, consume, use, and think over time. Life is a process and getting to optimal health is a process as well. Be patient with your body.

The following areas need to be addressed : your diet, the liquids you consume, your sleep patterns, exercise, your mind, toxins you are exposed to and your current toxin load, the supplements that you specifically need, and hormone balancing. I have found that replacing your deficient hormones with bioidentical hormones helps you to think, sleep, and overall feel better fairly quickly. But it is not the complete answer.

Once we get your hormones in a better balance, you are better equipped to address the other areas mentioned above. Hormone balancing is not a magic pill–it is simply important to address in today’s world. We live in a world that is filled with things that are toxic to our mind and body; disrupting our hormones, among other things. Utilizing bioidentical hormones is a piece of the answer to living in this toxic world and feeling great.

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