Lose 10 Pounds INSTANTLY!

This title attracts people because they really want to lose weight. I can fulfill that promise: I can tie enough helium balloons to you that it raises you up enough to lose 10 pounds on the scale. But is that what is important? Is the number on the scale important, or is what your body is made of that is important??

What your body is actually made of is the important thing. It correlates with feeling and looking your best for the long run. So often we get focused on the numbers on the scale instead of what is important.

Cartoon Drawing of larger women and smaller women

Instead of looking at the scale weight, why not ask yourself why you wish to lose weight? What will losing weight do for you in your daily life? How will it truly benefit you? Take a few moments and dig deep. I encourage you to really think about the answer. You will realize it is deeper than having a magic scale number.

Once you are clear on the true benefits (i.e. being able to enjoy the things you love), write it down and look at it regularly. This will help keep you motivated. I also encourage you to stop weighing yourself and get a BMI test–this tests your body mass index. This test will tell you how much fat, muscle, and water is in your body. Those numbers tell you how healthy you are–the numbers on the scale do not.

I have encountered numerous individuals that I have successfully balanced with bioidentical hormones who feel great and yet focus on the scale weight. The BMI test helps them to see the improvement inside their bodies, because sometimes they simply don’t trust the fact that they feel better. They need some numbers and the BMI gives useful numbers.

I also love utilizing the bio-energy test to help further assess changes in each individuals ability to “burn” fat and the metabolic levels that they function at. As a person’s health improves, the scale may not budge as much as we would like but the numbers on the BMI and bio-energy machines do change. This can be motivating and reassuring.

If your goal is to both feel and be healthy, throw out your scale and measure your body appropriately. Make the lifestyle changes that serve your body and follow a customized anti-aging program. You will find that you are no longer drawn in by ridiculous claims of losing 10 pounds instantly.

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