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Optimal Life

It is different for everyone. The first thing to do is to think about what it is that you want. How do you want to feel? What are the things that you want to be doing ?? What does it look and feel like for you to live an optimal life?? What is important to you?

Now, set aside some time this week and write it down. Naturally, when you write this down it will help to motivate you as you make changes that are required for you to live an optimal life. Making changes are not always easy but we either live with the pain of regret or the pain of changing.

I have found that if you desire to feel, look, and be in optimal health; this involves looking at eight aspects. All of these aspects are important. They are: what you eat, what you drink, the quality of your sleep, the exercise you get, the supplements you need, your mindset, your hormone balance, and the toxins you are exposed to. These different aspects of wellness are equally important and they affect each other.

As you look at those 8 different categories do any jump out at you?? If all 8, or a large majority, jump out at you then I advise starting with bioidentical hormone balancing as it can help you to feel, sleep, and think better so that you can address the other categories more easily. Once your hormones are balanced, it is not the end of your wellness journey. Each area needs to be addressed.

There is no magic answer to optimal health and living. Every aspect needs to be paid attention too. As you address one area and feel better, look at the 8 areas and see what else can be worked on. Start with one thing and once it is better, work on something else. Go at a pace that works for you. Seek guidance from a trained professional when needed.

As all 8 areas get better, you will find that you will want to improve even more in each of the areas of wellness. You will move towards your version of an optimal life–one step at a time.

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