Lessons Learned From COVID-19

Lessons learned from COVID-19

As I watch the panic and fear unfold around me I thought it was a good time to write an article about the lessons that we can learn from this viral pandemic.  My heart goes out to all those who have been, and will be, affected by this virus either by feeling ill, losing a loved one, losing income or a job, etc.  I have found that during times that seem bleak, it is helpful to focus on the good.  It is my belief that no matter how bad an event seems, there is always something good that can be obtained from it.

I learned this first hand about 14 years ago.  I was in the hospital for about 40 days and faced death several times following complications from a surgery.  I won’t go into the details, suffice it to say that it is a “dark spot” in my personal history, just as this viral pandemic is a “dark spot” in our history.  Yet, today I look back on my personal experience and I would not change a thing about that experience.  The good that came from it far surpasses the suffering that I endured.  It is because of that experience that I completely changed my own health and created the amazing wellness center that we have today.  We have helped so many people as a result of my experience that it definitely made it worth it. 

I feel that there is always a silver lining in every cloud–meaning: we can always find something good within every “dark spot” experience”.  It is because of my personal experience that I can look at this current pandemic in a different light than others.  It is my hope that my insights can help you through this current situation.

I wanted to give you the above information so that you can understand why I wanted to impart some positive lessons that we can all learn from this viral pandemic, and we can learn them now.  

Be Connected

Be connected with yourself and with those you love on a regular basis.
Let’s face it.  Most people are so busy that they don’t take time to be quiet and be alone in their minds, let alone spend quality time with those they love.  Most go from one activity to another, stressing about their day to day life, unable to truly relax.  Insomnia, anxiety, and depression are rampant.  I highly advise floating in a float tank for patients and most people can’t even handle floating in a tank for 75 minutes, alone with their thoughts, even though there is significant data on the healing properties of doing this.  They are either too busy or they simply can not relax enough to do it.  That is sad! 

This current pandemic has forced many people to stay home which on the surface is a major inconvenience.  But, if you look deeper into this, it is making us all slow down.  A lesson that our society desperately needed to learn.  

After my near death experience about 14 years ago, I vowed to set aside time for myself and to have quiet time regularly.  This was not easy for me to do, as I used to be one of those people who runs around from one thing to another.  I also focused on spending quality time with my husband.  This is a habit that is entrenched into my schedule.  Thus, this current recommendation to stay home is not an issue for me.  I am perfectly comfortable having this time to myself, are you??? 

Most people are sadly uncomfortable with unplanned time.  If you can start embracing having time without a plan, you will find more peace and joy within your life.
What if you started setting aside time each day for you to sit quietly and meditate….Even 10 minutes…..?What if you started setting aside a day a week to completely unplug and do things that you feel like doing that day?What if you started turning off your phone and computer more often??What if you made connecting with your loved ones a priority??Imagine doing this on a regular basis…..I would bet that you will feel more at peace with yourself and have a better relationship with those that you love.
Remember to take time on a daily and weekly basis to unplug and connect with who you are, as well as to connect with those that you love.  Write down a plan to make this happen and incorporate it into your life.

Develop a self care routine

I often hear people saying that they were following a healthy lifestyle until…….some life stress hit and they stopped taking care of themselves.  Does this make sense to you??  It shouldn’t.  Sadly, most people put others first before themselves and the result is that everyone is stressed and unhealthy.  If you take care of yourself and keep yourself vital and healthy, you are better equipped to take care of others and to handle any crisis that occurs.  It is critical to develop a self care routine that you keep up no matter what!

This viral pandemic has shown us that those with chronic health diseases suffer more from viruses.  But more importantly, it is necessary to realize that more people will die this year from their lifestyle (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc) than from this virus.  Hopefully, this will change because people wake up to the fact that the little things that they do each day add up–either for the good or for the bad….It is truly our choices each day that matter.  It is no accident that the large majority who have had critical illness with COVID-19 have had significant underlying health issues.  We can control how healthy we are-it starts with a choice to change.

At the end of this article I have listed the main things that I do for my care regime. I have found that allow me to keep my mind and body in peak condition.  Because of that, I can enjoy my life more fully and better help other people.  This self care routine has carried me through times of stress, including this current viral pandemic, as well as regular times.  It creates something that gives consistency no matter what is going on around me.  What are some things that you can start doing???  

Think of things that would help you to feel and look better.  Think of things that recharge your battery and will give you the energy to withstand any crisis.  Now, write them down and incorporate them into your life.  Make them non-negotiable–no matter what is going on around you, you will keep doing them!! 

Start with something, it does not have to be the entire list that I wrote above.  The important thing is to start developing a daily routine that serves you by feeding positivity and health into your mind, body, and spirit.
By creating a self care program that works for you, you will start feeling better now and you will continue to feel great long term.  This is the time to look in the mirror and realize that it is time to make some positive changes for your health!!

Embrace Life instead of fearing death.

Right now a lot of people are living in fear even though they are physically fine.  They have food, shelter, etc but yet they are fearful.  Fear is the second pandemic going on right now.  It causes anxiety and depression which can lower your immune system, among other things.  Do you really want to live in fear???  

I faced actual death about 14 years ago and I do not fear it.  I am not desiring to die, I simply choose to embrace life and not live in fear of death.  Living is NOT the same as not dying.   Embracing life allows me to stay calm in light of everything going on.  I am not endorsing that you do things to bring on death sooner.  I am a strong advocate of living a healthy lifestyle so that you can truly live a long and vital life.  It is important to realize that we are on this earth for a short time, enjoy each day rather than fear it.
What I am saying is that everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives.  Being alive (breathing with a heart beat) is not the same as truly living.  Use this current fear pandemic to face your fear of death.  Avoid living your life fearing death and instead embrace each day for the beauty that it is.  Live in joy and love each day.  Each day is truly a gift to each of us.  

Look around you and find a reason to be joyful.  You can do this every day.  Take time each day to take full, slow deep breaths and be thankful that you are alive.  The mind body connection is a documented fact.  When you have positive joyful thoughts, it translates into your body’s chemistry functioning more optimally.  Why wouldn’t you do this??

These lessons have helped me tremendously to enjoy each day despite whatever is going on around me.  They allow me to be a source of support for those who rely on me.   I hope that these lessons can help you to find meaning from this pandemic and to not only survive this, but to come out on the other end a better, stronger person. 

Throughout human history there have been different crisis that arise and we always recover and grow stronger.  This will be no different.  We may not be able to control the things around us, but we can control what we think and what we do each day.  We can be the change that we wish to see in the world. We can get through this pandemic calmly and intelligently, minimizing the suffering.  We can be proactive and not reactive.   What can you start doing to be a better person inside and out so that you can be a positive influence??

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I had my wake up call 14 years ago and I realized that I was not as healthy as I could be.  As a result, I started a self care routine 13 years ago that has served me well.  I continue these things so that I can be my best.  Here are some self care things that I do and it may give you an idea of what you can start doing:

Daily self care tips:

  • Exercise (take one day off per week to rest)
  • Stretch or do Yoga or Tai-Chi 
  • Spend at least 10 minutes of quiet time meditating in the morning, preferably outside
  • Write in the gratitude journal
  • Have a positive affirmation for the dayHydrate well
  • Eat a healthy whole food diet (avoid sugar, processed foods, baked goods, etc)
  • Take appropriate supplements each morning
  • Ensure adequate sleep time
  • Turn of the phone at least 2 hours before bed and don’t turn it on for about 2 hours after awakening
  • Envision my day how I want it to unfold–done in the morning
  • Read
  • Avoid news (get facts from more credible sources without drama)
  • Minimal if any social media

Weekly/Monthly/etc self care tips:

  • Schedule regular date nights with my husband
  • Schedule regular vacations
  • Float in a professionally maintained float tank every 2 weeks
  • Get a facial each monthGet a massage regularly
  • Get lab work and other preventive tests done regularly
  • Ensure hormones are balanced.
  • Do fun things that I enjoy on a regular basis.
  • Wellness IVs on a preventive basis

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