Lacking Tesosterone?

As you are reading this and the words on this page are going through your mind, you may be wondering if you or someone you know is suffering from a hormonal imbalance. If you are a man or woman over 35 years old the odds are that you do have a hormonal imbalance (and this can be the case even if you are younger).

A hormonal imbalance can present as fatigue, sleep issues, an inability to lose weight, depression, anxiety, a lack of vitality, an increase in aches and pains, difficulty healing and recovering, etc. Hormone imbalances are not just about hot flashes and ni ght sweats, and both men and women are affected by imbalances. The symptoms can come up suddenly or gradually–everyone is different. If left untreated hormone imbalances can lead to osteoporosis, dementia, and other hormone related diseases including a frailty and decline of health in the last few decades of life.

Most people simply feel their slow deterioration is simply a part of aging and they settle for not feeling their best. A great case showing this is the story of Brian. Brian’s wife had great success with bioidentical hormones and she sent her husband to my office. Brian did not think anything was wrong with his hormones–a common issue.

Brian still had a good libido and was exercising. However he was tired and did not want to do much outside of work. He was also slightly more irritable and grumpy. Upon further questioning I found that he was not gaining muscle or recovering from workouts like he should. He was only 45 years old but was slowly losing vitality. He thought this was normal aging but it is not. His regular doctor had told him he was fine and he had accepted his symptoms as normal.

After a personalized evaluation of his symptoms and labwork, Brian was found to have suboptimal Testosterone and a few vitamin deficiencies. There are several options for Testosterone replacement for men: bioidentical cream, injections, and bioidentical pellets. Each man needs to make his own choice for the treatment method that is best for him. Testosterone replacement for men is safe and effective when the estrogen level is properly monitored. High estrogen and low Testosterone is what poses dangers for a man’s health. Optimal Testosterone levels and keeping estrogen levels low help to prevent certain diseases as well as eliminate symptoms for men.

After optimizing Brian’s Testosterone and correcting his vitamin deficiencies, he finds himself having the energy to enjoy his family and life outside work. He is sleeping better and has improved memory, mood, and focus. He runs his own business and has found his productivity and revenue have grown. Brian is saving time and money by functioning at a higher level. He is now living his life at an optimal level.

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