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Keeping Your Body Fit and Healthy as You Age

Have you looked around at our aging population?  It is commonplace to see people aging in a manner that results in a loss of function and quality of life:  they can’t walk well, they feel tired, they look frail and unhealthy, etc.  This is NOT how it has to be!

Whether you wish to accept this fact or not, YOU are in control with how you age.  It is NOT about your genetics.  I am not saying there are not genetic diseases that can impact how you live, but most of those are also greatly influenced by lifestyle.  For example, most autoimmune diseases are believed to occur in people genetically predisposed to that disease and something in their life triggered it (“woke it up”): food, toxins, etc.  

I personally find the fact that I am in control of my aging to be a freeing thought.  Don’t you?  This is truly a wonderful fact!  Think about this for a moment.  If you are in control, then you can choose not to age poorly and decline slowly.  You can choose to age in a manner that you wish.  You can age feeling strong and vital.  I have seen many people that age well due to choice, and many who age poorly due to choice.  The evidence is in the people around us.

The first step is to acknowledge that how you live your life will impact how you feel and look as you age.  My personal philosophy is that we can all Live Well (i.e. Function at a level that gives us the life we desire) and Die Quick (i.e. Not deteriorate for years before leaving this physical world).  I understand that some people are shocked by the terminology but do think about it for a moment.  Most people dwindle over years, even decades.  They slowly lose their bodily and mental functions over time.  This is a slow, painful death that no one really wants.  Then there are others who live life being healthy and fit, and leave this Earth fairly quickly (I’m talking about later in life, not accidents at a young age).  What would you rather do?  Feel bad and deteriorate over several years, or decades?  Or live with energy and vitality for many years, with a quick decline at the very end?  It truly is a choice.

This may not be a topic that you are used to thinking about but it is important to think about it.  I have seen too many people in a poor state of health simply because they lived their life without thinking of the long term consequences.  Having Optimal Wellness is not just about having the weight that you want or getting rid of hot flashes.  Having Optimal Wellness is about feeling great on the inside.  Looking great on the outside is a reflection of the inner health.  This is not the focus of most people.  The focus is typically on the latest diet to lose weight, the latest miracle drug or supplement to give you health, etc.

I would love nothing more than to tell you that there is a miracle.  There is not.  The fact is that if you want to look and feel great now, and as you age, then it is important to invest time, money, and energy into your wellness.  Not because you get immediate results, but because you get long term sustainable results.  Stop relying on health insurance since they are focused on treating disease, not truly preventing them and helping you to live as healthy as you can for as long as you can.

Here are the things that have been shown to be important in achieving Optimal Wellness.  All 8 areas need to be addressed:

  • Nutrition
  • What you drink
  • Supplements
  • Hormone Balancing
  • Sleep
  • Mind and Spirit
  • Exercise
  • Toxin exposure and detoxification

I have personally been doing this over the past decade and my mental and physical health has flourished.  I have seen the same results in the patients who listen.  It is the small daily things that add up over time.  This leads to your success (i.e. feeling and looking great for as long as possible) or your failure (i.e. feeling tired, weak, frail, frumpy, fat etc.)

Here is the great news: it is never too late to make changes.  The first step is to develop a mindset of personal responsibility and owning that where you are is a direct result of choices you have made.  I say that to be kind, because it is important for us all to embrace that.  The next step is to start somewhere.  Pick one of the eight places I mentioned above and start making changes.  At An Optimal You we often start people with hormone balancing because it is like putting gas in the car–it gets you going in the right direction.  But, it doesn’t stop there.  For Optimal Wellness you want to continue addressing all 8 areas.  This is why we work alongside our Wellness Partners–to give you additional guidance if you need it.

I encourage you to attend our Autumn HealthFest on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd.  It is from 3 pm to 7 pm.  We will have the Wellness Partners and our Practitioners present to answer questions.  There will be innovative wellness talks and demos.  B complex shots for charity will be given (pre sign up please as this is limited) It will be located within our building in suites 201-203, at 29995 Technology Drive in Murrieta.  If you are wanting to take the next step for your wellness, this is a wonderful event to attend. 

Wishing you a life of abundant health!

– Dr. Laurie Blanscet An Optimal You

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