Which Hormone Therapy Is Right For Me?

In order to rebalance your hormones we utilize bioidentical hormones. There are choices when it comes to taking bioidentical hormones. The specific hormones that you receive are tailored to your needs.

Progesterone is helpful for aiding sleep and it gives a calming effect. It is best taken at night. You can get Progesterone as a capsule, troche or as a cream. Troches dissolve in your mouth and must be refrigerated; most people find them distasteful. The choice between cream and capsule depends on your preference, however the capsule version seems to give a better sleep induction.

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Estrogen is helpful for alleviating hot flashes and helping your mood. You can get bioidentical Estrogen as a cream, troche, or pellet. I don’t advise getting Estrogen as a pill since this administration form comes with an increased blood clot risk and liver issues. The troche was mentioned above. Creams and pellets do not cause liver concerns and are safe and effective. Creams are easy to apply but must be remembered twice a day. Pellets are about the size of a thin tic tac and are inserted in a simple office procedure. Pellets last 3 to 6 months, depending on the person.

Testosterone is helpful in eliminating night sweats, improving focus, helping your mood, increasing energy and overall well being. It can also help increase libido, but libido is also linked to our mental state of mind. You can get bioidentical Testosterone as a cream, troche, or pellet. Pill versions of Testosterone are not recommended as it could cause liver problems. The cream, pellet, and troche administrations are mentioned above. All of these forms are safe and effective. Men also have the option of injectable Testosterone but please note that your liver does need to process this form to turn the Testosterone into a bioidentical structure. If you choose this option, it can be given safely with proper laboratory monitoring.

At your consultation your customized treatment plan will be discussed with you. Our goal is to get you to an optimal balance using the treatment forms that work best for you. We work with you to safely optimize your hormones.

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