Holiday Party

Holiday Guide To Creating Peace And Joy

If the Holiday’s are the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ then why does ‘Peace & Joy’ seem so
elusive at times? Expectations, loneliness, and overwhelming tasks on top of the normal
pressures of everyday life can make it almost impossible to find the alluring peace and joy the
holidays yearn to offer.

To create a Holiday to remember, here are (5) simple things you can do to invite ‘Peace & Joy’
to the party:

#1) Be intentional with a Holiday Affirmation. From Thanksgiving through New Years, commit to
repeating the following phrase (5) times a day (or more): “I love creating Peace & Joy during
the Holidays”. Affirmations are scientifically proven to create more of what you want from
within and without, so start by using the power of your mind to create the holiday memories you
desire. It may seem simple, and it is, but it’s also powerful!

#2) Keep it simple by setting boundaries on gift-giving, and remember simple sentimental gifts
are usually the most memorable. If you have a good number of people on your gift list, keep it
simple by selecting one type of gift for all. For example, you can purchase inexpensive mittens
with a simple card that reads “You may have cold hands, but your heart is warm. Now
you’ll have both!” Or a small candle with a note that reads “May your light shine bright
this holiday season”. There are many more ideas you can ‘google’, just remember to keep it

#3) With the elevated amount of activities that are sure to ensue during the holiday season,
don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ if you are feeling overwhelmed, or limit the time you spend at
events. This may be difficult when kids’ activities are involved, so just do your best. It is also ok
to let other things go during the holiday season when possible. You may need to adjust a
workout schedule or get familiar with online grocery shopping. Think of other ways to lighten
your load, even a little bit will allow you to breathe a little easier.

#4) Remove the pressure you put on yourself and ask for help. Enlist the help of your family by
delegating tasks and doing things together. They will feel good about contributing (even if they
won’t admit it) and it will create lasting memories, so get them involved. The memories are what
will be treasured, not the ‘perfect tree’ or ‘decoration’, or seeing you frazzled from all the holiday
tasks you’re trying to complete. You could also consider hiring a housekeeper or an assistant
for the holidays. Every bit helps, and in doing so you could be contributing to someone else’s
happy holiday by providing them with a little extra income. Teens are always looking for ways to
make money during the holidays, and they can help with decorating, organizing, wrapping, etc…
And if that isn’t in your budget, consider a barter trade of sorts. We all get by with a little help
from our friends, but we have to ask.

#5) Your peace & joy is the best gift of all! When you show up with a calm heart and happy
mind, you will literally bring the spirit of the Holidays everywhere you go and spread the cheer
far and wide. If you find yourself falling into the “I’m so stressed” trap, take a quiet moment and
do the following:

1. Find a quiet place
2. Close your eyes
3. Take (5) deep slow breaths in and out
4. Think to yourself “I am at peace” in between breaths
5. Open your eyes and be at peace

These are great ways to savor this Holiday with peace & joy in all you do. I’m sure you can
come up with a few more ideas of your own, so go forth and have a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

Nancy Holguin, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Offering one on one affirmation development and partnership as well as Hypnotherapy sessions for children and adults.

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