Healthy Time of Year

This is the time of year where people are highly motivated to get healthy. Tap into this motivation and write down the things that you want to improve about your health. Then write down how you would feel if you had these things. We do not do things logically or everyone would eat perfect and always exercise because we all know we should. We do things based on emotion. It is important to know this so that you can utilize this fact to help you.

Think about this: why do you want to be healthy? Is it to feel good fitting in your pants?  Is it to have the energy to do things with your family?  What does being healthy do for you emotionally?  Really think about it and write it down.  Nothing is too silly!!

Then write down small things you can do to reach your goals. Take small steps each day and focus on how you feel and your emotions. Do not focus on the scale or any setbacks you have along the way. Focus on the long term emotional benefits of being healthy and realize that it does not mean you have to be perfect. Being healthy means doing the right stuff most of the time and having it be your main belief, it includes having some room for indulgences at times. Focus on progress not perfection and you will be healthy: physically and mentally.

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