The Healthy Edge

So often people ask for the diet to be on, the exercise routine that they need, or the specific supplement that is a must have. “Tell me what to do to be healthy” is the common question. But knowing what to do is only one piece of the puzzle. It is so easy to forget that the most important thing to do is to start with the mind.

I know that this may sound wierd and way out there, but it is the truth. It is very well documented. Your philosophy dictates how you feel about things and ultimately dictates the actions that you are willing to take which leads to your results.

This is the “slight edge” philosophy. I highly recommend the book, “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. It explains this concept in an easily understood manner.

Man running up a hill at dusk

The essence of the slight edge is that it is the small daily little things that we do each day that lead us to positive results (or negative results if the small daily things are negative actions). For example, it may seem insignificant whether you eat french fries or broccoli. But, compound that decision over time and it adds up. The person who eats broccoli more often will end up with a healthier outcome than the person who chose french fries. Seemingly insignificant daily choices are what matter.

If you have the philosophy that you value health, this will lead to a healthy attitude towards food and exercise. This will result in you actually taking healthy actions (eating more of the healthy foods and exercising more often) which over time, will lead to the results that you truly desire. It is not glamorous, earth shattering type activities that lead you to the goal that you want. It is the small daily seemingly insignificant choices that you make that are based upon your philosophy.

What if you have the philosophy that you should be able to eat and drink what you want and that you hate exercise?? Do you see how that leads to an unhealthy attitude towards food and exercise, which leads to actions such as eating unhealthy foods more often and not exercising?? Which then leads to being a weight that you do not desire and/or being in a state of health that you do not desire.

It seems that the daily small choices do not matter, but they do. Our small daily actions that we take are based upon our core philosophies. Which means that it is critical to adjust our mindset and beliefs if we want a different result.

As part of helping patients achieve optimal health, addressing the mind is a very important piece. Your mind is a beautiful and powerful tool that you can use to your benefit. Re-balancing your hormones with bio-identical hormones and getting you on the right supplements do help you to have more energy, better focus, more vitality, sleep better, etc. To achieve optimal health, it is also important to work on a healthier diet, exercise program, and to overall detoxify. This involves addressing the mind. By adopting the right philosophy that creates the results that you want, you will find yourself achieving more than you ever thought possible.

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