Fibromyalgia – Don’t Suffer

If you have been told that you have fibromyalgia and think that you have to suffer, you do not. Fibromyalgia is basically a chronic pain syndrome where your muscles feel achy and painful on a daily basis. It stems from many different things. The first step with treating fibromyalgia is to get quality sleep. Adequate sleep helps your body to heal better. This can be done by utilizing Progesterone, melatonin, and a good bed time regimen.

The next step is to work on your diet. Food allergies, especially gluten, have been linked to fibromyalgia. You must work closely with your doctor to eliminate foods that could be triggering your immune system to fight your own body. Then, you want to look for other underlying issues like heavy metal toxicity, Testosterone/Estrogen deficiency, MTHFR deficiency (enzyme in your body), etc. Every person is different in what is causing their symptoms. It may take time but you can get a handle on fibromyalgia and live a quality life.

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