The Many Facets of Health

How many times have you done something to improve your health, only to stop doing it because you felt it was not working?? If you have, you are not alone. I have seen this time and again. Someone will be doing something positive for their health but when the results are not there, they stop doing it. But Optimal Health is not attained from one thing. It is achieved by doing a wide variety of positive things for your health. Many of these things seem insignificant, and yet they are not.

Bio Identical Hormone Health

I find that comparing our bodies to a car can help you to better visualize the different parts that are needed to feel Optimal. For a car to function properly it needs to have gas in the tank, oil in the engine, a working ignition switch, coolant, spark plugs, etc. Imagine putting gas into your car and trying to start the car but for some reason the car does not start. Do you stop putting gas into the car because that did not work?

No! We know better than that. You would keep a full gas tank and investigate for other issues. You would not stop putting gas in the car. It takes having the gas, the oil, the coolant, working parts, etc to get a car to work. If a car does not run right, you keep ensuring that all of these pieces are addressed. You would not let the gas tank or oil reservoir go empty and expect the car to work.

This may make sense not to do this to your car, and yet I have seen people do this to their health. I have often seen someone who is exercising and not losing weight, simply stop exercising. This does not make sense. Healthy exercise is an important piece of having a healthy weight but it’s not the whole puzzle. Trying to lose weight and stopping exercise while you address something else important for weight loss, is like having an empty gas tank in your car expecting it to still run once you fix the engine.

I see a lot of people for Hormone balancing because they wish to feel better. Feeling optimal takes a variety of things. Taking Bioidentical Hormones helps tremendously and is an important piece, they are not the only piece. Testosterone, Progesterone, Estrogen, and Thyroid Hormones are like the gas in the car. An Optimal level of these hormones is critical for your body to function. You also need other things to be working properly. If the other aspects of your health are not addressed, you will still function better on Bioidentical Hormones, just not as optimal as you can when your “car”(body) is fully tuned up.

Feeling and looking optimal involves hormone balancing, good sleep habits, a healthy whole food diet, the right supplements, regular exercise, a healthy mind set, and minimizing toxin exposure. Each of these pieces are important. I have seen people who are on optimal Bioidentical hormone doses and yet they are not feeling how they want to. They give up on taking the hormones and keep trying different things; never quite getting to the health level they want. It is similar to stopping putting gas in the car tank, replacing the oil and expecting the car to work because the oil level is good. They forget that they still need the gas for the car to run.

Please be patient with your body. If you are not feeling optimal, stop and think about the area that you need to address. If you are on the go all the time, then you probably need to do meditation, join a yoga class, unplug from electronics, etc in order for your body to function optimally. Address what your body needs and keep doing the other things that you are doing right. Keep putting gas in your car while you add the oil:). By having a comprehensive approach to your body, you will feel and look your best!!

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