Creating An Optimal You

Did you know you can balance your hormones naturally?

Drinking lots of water is key – along with minimizing alcohol intake. Make sure your beef if from free range cattle that are free of hormones. Eat a well balanced diet that includes organic NON GMO fruit and vegetables.

Minimize your stress. 8 hours of sleep every night is key. Take deep breaths regularly, and smile – it’s hard to be stressed and laugh at the same time. Make sure you incorporate exercise throughout your week. Take a break from your cellphone, tablet, and laptops.

Stay away from mineral oil, dyes, and animal by-products. It only takes 26 seconds for your skin to absorb what you put on it. To prove this try putting a piece of peeled garlic between your toes, count to 30 and you will actually taste the garlic.

Take your vitamins. Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 are especially important to your overall hormonal balance. In addition supplement your diet with a good multi-vitamin.

Adding bioidentical hormones to a healthy lifestyle is key to optimizing your hormones, but you need to take care of your entire body, not just one area. A well rounded approach that incorporates diet, exercise, rest, and care for your hormones will help you achieve An Optimal You!

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