Bioidentical Pellet therapy

Most people have heard about bioidentical creams for Testosterone and/or Estrogen, but many people do not know about bioidentical pellets. Pellet therapy has actually been around for many years and is quite safe and effective.

A bioidentical pellet is made of either Testosterone or Estradiol along with an inert substance that holds it together. A Testosterone pellet for men is about the size of a tic-tac. A Testosterone pellet for women is half as thick and an Estradiol pellet is about 1/5 the length. The pellets are inserted under the skin into the fatty tissue in the upper outer part of your buttocks, near the hip area after a local anesthetic is applied. This is a fairly painless outpatient procedure.

The bioidentical pellets secrete the hormone(s) into the blood stream over a period of three to five months (each person uses up their pellets at a different rate). Testosterone has many different functions in your body and is typically the most deficient hormone. How fast your body uses up the pellets depends on how deficient your body is along with your body’s daily demands. Bioidentical pellet therapy most closely resembles your body’s natural hormone secretion and tends to be more effective than the use of Testosterone or Estrogen creams. The choice of the type of therapy used should be customized to your needs.

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