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Being an Optimal You

What does it mean to be an Optimal You?  It is something different for everyone.  What does it look like to you?  How does it feel?   How are you spending your days? 

Often we look at other people–what are they doing to live optimally?  This can be frustrating and often demoralizing when what they are doing seems too far out of reach.  

It is important not to look at the actions of others.  When you do that you limit your own ability to reach your optimal you.  Every person is starting from a different place, is willing to do different things and desires a unique life.

The best thing to do is to look inside of yourself – and ask yourself how do you want to be looking and feeling?  Then assess where you are at currently and think of ways to consistently better yourself in the areas of your life you want to.  It is not about perfection, it is about making positive changes that help you to achieve an Optimal You.

In my quest for my own Optimal You and in treating patients,  I have found that there are 8 areas of wellness that are important to address.  These are: mindset, nutrition, what you drink, toxin exposure, bio-identical hormone balancing, exercise, sleep, and supplementation. Pick one of these categories that you want to improve upon first and then make some small positive changes.  If you do this consistently, you will be amazed at the progress you can make.

Ask For Help

When looking to create your Optimal You, most people need help. That is understandable with the overload of information that is out there.

You want to work on feeling vital and being able to enjoy your life, and this often takes several different types of approaches and the assistance of Traditional and Complementary health professionals.

Wellness Circle

While our office offers a lot of help in these areas, I also encourage you to attend the Healthy Living Expo on Saturday, September 24th, located outside of the Edwards Cinemas (at the Temecula mall) from 10 am – 4 pm. I love connecting people with others who can assist them in their journey to an Optimal You. Because of this, I am helping to organize the Healthy Living Expo for the Murrieta Holistic Chamber of Commerce, a chamber of commerce that is focused on bringing a wider variety of wellness providers together.  

At this event you will be able to meet and talk to many of the wellness professionals that have helped me in my journey. There are some fascinating things that you can do to enhance your health and vitality that most people don’t know about, things like breath work, ozone therapy, using safer personal care products, detoxification, enhancing blood flow, natural pain treatments, etc. There are some excellent products, practitioners, and healthy food sources that can help you on your journey to optimal health. This expo was organized so that our community can be exposed to the many wonderful and unique wellness providers, products, and food sources that are in our local community!

Remember, to be an Optimal You, it is built upon the little choices that you make on a daily basis, it is not one big thing. Join us on Saturday, Sept. 24th to learn more about the little things that you could be doing to help you on your journey.

See you there!

(Aside from 40+ wellness booths there will be a blood drive, a local food bank accepting food donations-including produce, and a variety of free wellness talks at the Expo)

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