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Allergies and Aromatherapy

Achoo!  That is a sound I have been hearing all over southern California and while speaking with clients and family across the entire United States.  Allergies seem to be very prevalent right now, and various aromatherapy methods can actually offer a lot of relief. 

Many clients are familiar with how aromatherapy can help with anxiety, insomnia, pain, etc., but are surprised when I tell them that essential oils can also help alleviate allergy symptoms.

There are numerous ways to use essential oils to help with allergies.  Some of my favorite methods are using a simple home diffuser blend, preparing a steam blend, and using a personal inhaler,   So what are some of my “go to” essential oils when creating a custom essential oil blend for allergies?  

One of my favorite essential oils is Fragonia (Agonis fragrans).  Fragonia smells wonderful (it is often used in the perfume industry) and has wonderful anti-allergenic qualities.  It also is an anti-inflammatory and works as an expectorant (helps with coughing).

Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium ct east cape) is a very unique oil, and one not often known.  It is not only anti-allergenic, but also is anti-inflammatory, works as a decongestant, expectorant and is a mucolytic (breaks down mucous so your body can eliminate it easily). If you are stuffy and congested, this oil would be a great choice, especially when blended with a few other oils with similar qualities.  

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is one of the most known and loved essential oils, and many people already have it in their home collection.  Lavender, of course, is calming and smells wonderful, but it is also helpful with allergies and offers decongestant and immune boosting benefits.  Lavender works beautifully in reducing the symptoms of allergies.

Niaouli ct 1,8 cineole (Melaleuca quinquinervia ct 1,8 cineole) is strong smelling, but very helpful when looking for a powerhouse essential oil to help with allergies.  Niaouli is also an anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, an immuno-stimulant, and acts as an expectorant and decongestant.  This oil is one I almost always include when helping clients with allergies.

Xanthoxylum (Zanthoxylum armatum) is also an oil you may not be familiar with, but can be extremely helpful.  In addition to being anti-allergenic, it also assists your immune system.  

Rosalina (Melaleuca ericifolia) is also a stonger smelling oil, but it is helpful with allergies and offers fabulous anti-histamine properties.  

 If you only have one of these essential oils on hand, go ahead and try it, or consider adding a few others that I mentioned above to your collection.  Essential oils, when blended together in the correct ratio, work synergistically to provide optimum benefit.  Whether you create a diffuser blend to use for 20 minutes in the morning while getting ready for your day and again before bedtime, carry an inhaler with you, or feel it necessary to use a steam blend; allergy help is available using natural and organic essential oils.  

If you have a lot of eye irritation from allergies, you should try eye compresses and/or facial sprays made from hydrosols.   If you are unfamiliar with hydrosols they are created as a byproduct from creating essential oils. During the distillation of plant material (the source of all essential oils), the water and oil separate.  The oil is our essential oil, and the remaining water is known as “hydrosol”. 

Hydrosols have many of the beautiful benefits of essential oils, but can be safely used when essential oils cannot – for example unlike essential oils they can be taken internally, used on infants, children and the elderly, and some can be used on and around the eye area.  I always recommend keeping hydrosols in the refrigerator due to their shorter shelf life, and the coolness feels extra nice on red, itchy eyes.  Either lightly mist the hydrosol over your face or make a simple eye compress for almost instant relief. 

As a clinical Aromatherapist I create customized essential oils and hydrosols for my clients. If you need help with blending your own essential oils I am available to offer guidance. I can also custom blend for you a variety of allergy fighting products: inhalers, hydrosols, diffusing blends, etc.

By Sharon Mayberry, Clinical Aromatherapist

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