Anti Aging with Botox

Aging Is Inevitable

One day it seems that we wake up, look in the mirror, and hardly recognize the person that is looking back at us. The truth is, aging can be a shock, and it can feel a bit terrifying. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  This article will go over the ways you can endure you look your best for many years to come.

First, it is important to understand what is happening that is causing these changes.

As we age, collagen and elastin fibers naturally begin to break down. This causes a reduction in facial volume and the formation of wrinkles begin to develop. Overtime, after repeated muscle movement the wrinkles become etched into our skin. The fat pads that are located beneath the skins surface that normally provide volume and fullness begin to get thinner and descend due to gravity.  A decrease in facial moisture occurs due to the facial glands supplying less oil to the face. 

Even though it might seem like the odds are against us, there is a bright light at the end of every tunnel. If we are aware of what is making us age, we can most certainly slow down the aging process. Thankfully, you can age gracefully without requiring surgical intervention by implementing several tips and tricks.

First, let us talk about skin care! 

  • Do you currently have a skin care routine?
  • If so, what does it look like?

Our skin changes by the decade, thus our skin care routine and the products that we use should be changing based upon the individual needs of our skin. 

Are you including and applying moisturizer with SPF daily? 

One thing is certain, even though aging is unique to every individual, we should all be using sunscreen from an early age. Repeated UV sun exposure can accelerate the aging process leading to uneven skin tone and texture, pre-mature aging, and more. Think about those pesky fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and other discolorations. As UV rays penetrate your skin, these rays come into contact with a natural chemical found in our bodies called melanin. Melanin is responsible for that beautiful tan that is most desirable, and it is also your first protective barrier from the sun. When the amount of UV rays exceeds the protection provided by your body’s natural defense, you will achieve a sun burn. Over time, the repeated damage from the sun exposure will lead to various forms of skin damage that include, but are not limited to, aging! The sooner you begin using SPF, the better. Trust me! Your skin will be thanking you for years to come! 

Fun fact: Did you know that the foods you consume and the amount of water you drink can directly impact your skin’s health? 

A healthy diet and proper hydration are essential when trying to slow down the aging process. Eating processed foods that are high in trans-fatty acids and hydrogenated oils increase free radicals, which can lead to collagen breakdown and the formation of wrinkles. It can also spike inflammation levels which may potentially lead to an increase in acne breakouts and can make skin more vulnerable to the sun! Who knew! Avoid processed foods and start consuming foods that are nutrient dense such as eggs, chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, berries, a variety of vegetables, and avocados. Focus on having a whole food based meal plan.  Your skin will begin to improve and maybe even glow! 

Another food to avoid is sugar. YES! I am guilty of having a sweet tooth craving every now and then, but who isn’t? The reality is that excess sugar levels may result in the loss of collagen and encourage the formation of wrinkles. If you are craving something sugary, try opting for natural sugars such as berries or other fruits, raw honey, maple syrup, and/or coconut sugar. Remember, moderation is key! 

If you really want your skin to glow, always remember to drink water. Staying hydrated can improve skin texture and tone. It also encourages to flush toxins from your body and skin promoting healthy beautiful skin.

Having your hormones properly balanced with bio-identical hormones also helps your skin to maintain it’s health.  Proper hormone balancing is key to anti-aging: both inside and out.  

If you are already seeing signs of aging in your skin, not to worry. There are many skin care treatments that can help reduce or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and more. 

A natural skin care treatment that is great for anti-aging is PRP or platelet rich plasma. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a unique anti-aging treatment that utilizes the nutrients in your own blood to rejuvenate your skin. It is minimally invasive, safe, and effective for all skin types. PRP can help treat conditions such as volume loss, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, hair loss and so much more. 

The process of extracting the PRP is simple. It requires the collection of a small amount of your blood that will then be spun down to concentrate and isolate platelets as well as other healing factors. Your platelets and healing factors will then be removed and become readily available for use. There are many varying ways and methods to use PRP, but we will discuss how PRP is helping in anti-aging. 

One method of utilizing PRP is by injecting it into targeted areas to increase volume and rejuvenate the skin. Once injected, PRP begins to stimulate the body’s own tissue and collagen production. This is a great alternative if you are needing volume but are not wanting to get fillers. 

PRP can also be combined with micro needling. Micro needling is the process of puncturing the skin with tiny, sterilized needles that create small wounds, causing the body to stimulate collagen and elastin production. By applying PRP to the small wounds, it will further promote collagen production and healing, improve skin texture and tone, and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. The result is beautiful glowing skin. 

Is your hair beginning to thin? If so, PRP can help! PRP aids in hair growth by simply injecting the solution into the hair follicles. This hair rejuvenation method is simple yet effective and results typically appear in a duration of 6 months with continuing frequent treatments. 

A GREAT Natural skin care treatment to for anti-aging is facial ozone.

 I like to think of ozone as super oxygen! Ozone has an additional third molecule of oxygen which is administered by injection into the desired area. Once the introduction of ozone into the body occurs, your cells break down the ozone into 2 molecules of oxygen (O2), which is the same oxygen that we breathe. The best part is, when used in aesthetics, ozone can help your cells detox, promote circulation, and also aid in cellular turn over. 

Cellular turn over is important because as we age, our skin cells take longer to renew. By receiving facial ozone treatments, it can help speed up cellular turn over which can improve skin texture and tone, fine lines, and wrinkles. It can also help to brighten up the skin, reduce pore size, blemishes, and overall create a natural glow.  And it does all of this without introducing anything foreign to your body.  It stimulates your body to heal itself.   Results do vary per person, and in order to see results, a recommendation of three sessions or more are required.

Lastly, let us talk about Botox.  Most people have heard about this one, but do you know how it works?

Botox is a neuromodulator that works by restricting muscle movement which causes wrinkles to soften and relax. It is effective at treating wrinkles while being generally safe. The benefit of Botox is that it trains your muscles to not make wrinkle-forming expressions. 

So how long does Botox last? 

The effects of Botox can last anywhere from 3-4 months. Botox may be used as a preventative measure to stop wrinkles from forming or worsening; however, it is important to note that Botox may or may not treat static wrinkles (wrinkles that are visible when the face is at rest). It is best to consider Botox when wrinkles are beginning to appear or when wrinkles are becoming static. Botox might not be for everyone, but it can be an amazingly effective anti-aging treatment for the perfect candidate. 

We are all dying to know what the secret is for a more youthful, radiant appearance. What most do not know is that attaining a youthful appearance is a process. It will take multiple treatments in combination with the different modalities that were mentioned earlier to accomplish this. Most importantly, results will not happen overnight. A combination of life-style changes, hormone balancing, creating good healthy habits, and eventually, pursuing professional help is the key to aging gracefully. 

Cecilia Santillan
Medical Aesthetician

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