Get More Energy

Activating Everlasting Vitality for 100 Trillion Cells

How do you feel right now in your body? Are feeling electric? Are you feeling activated? Are you feeling full of creativity?

Many Americans are not feeling any of this. Many Americans are not feeling good at all. A recent global study, completed in 2013, demonstrated that 95% of the world is ill! In the holistic world of natural health and prevention focused care or education, we know most of this is due to lack of useful knowledge. Many of the common items we suffer from are: Back pain, Stomach aches, Headaches, Lack of Sleep, Lack of Energy, Brain fog, and Anxiety.

Are you suffering?

Would you like a different option than simply covering it up and waiting for it to come back?
Is it worth some of your time, money, and effort if the results could last for months to years?

I hope the answer to those last three questions was yes!! A big YESS!!

Your body is made up of a community of trillion of cells. Your community can look and feel like a master planned community with perfectly flowing streets, active businesses, happy community participants, minimal trash and pollution, a proverbial paradise of ease. However, we have not been told how to do this effectively, so for many people we are owner operators of distressed, broken down, polluted, stressed, hurried very despotic communities of cells. In this scenario each cell is trying very hard to get a breath of air, drink of clean water, or a single molecule of nutrition. Things are not looking very good. Although the best news to hear is that this can be changed. You do have a choice.
You can choose to begin again. You can start today by learning new concepts, enhanced function, and then benefit from the ability to learn how to facilitate better healthier cells by having improved and functional habits within your lifestyle.


It is time to add oxygen back into your life. There are many ways to do this that can range in cost and commitment levels for every person. You can start right now with a simple process we can do as you finish this article.

Breathe in, Breathe out. Breathe In Deeper, Breathe Out Deeper! Breathe In (count to 6), breathe out (count to 9). You have added more oxygen to your body. How do you feel?

You can also begin to add oxygen to your body by using supplemental sources that help activate your cellular system. This can include items like nitric oxide found in beet root powder like this item

The offices of An Optimal You and it’s Wellness Partners focuses on amazing therapies to benefit the body with better breathing techniques, classes, and meditations for those who struggle to get things moving in the right direction on their own.

We also have the most impressive concept in quick short cuts to healthy cellular function, detoxification and a big boost of oxygen by using Ozone therapies such as blood infusion, injections, vaginal or rectal ozone to provide the best for your personal needs. Schedule an appointment today if you want a boost to your cells. 951-461-3021


SWEAT MORE/TALK LESS. What do I mean? Stop finding excuses to not get yourself moving and allowing your system to sweat properly. If you are not a person who loves to run or exercise, then you can activate your skin by getting into a hot relaxing tub. Sweating is a healthy way to detoxify. You need to sweat just as you need to drink water and urinate routinely. Everyone needs to do this to maintain a healthy body. We feature a far infrared sauna at An Optimal You that is available to our clients to use. This medical grade sauna helps your cells in many more ways than by causing a sweat. The infrared sauna gets your cells to vibrate in a manner that gently detoxifies them and assists your cells in recovering from injury over very little time.


START AND END YOUR DAY WITH WATER. In holistic healing balance of the human body, it is all about Hydration, Hydration, and Hydration. Besides the issues of being cut off from oxygen, most people are not drinking enough water for their cells to maintain proper hydration levels. A great daily goal is over 60 ounces of the best pure clean water you can find. However, Don’t Stop there!! Set up challenges of 100 Ounce extra hydration days to overcome health issues and improve cellular health.


REMOVE ALL FORMS OF FAKE SUGAR. Low calorie does not mean healthy. Synthetic sugars trick the human body into creating more insulin, cause tremendous stress in the cells, inflame the lining of the intestines, and can directly affect joints promoting arthritis, gout, and eczema. Many people who suffer from routine headaches, migraines, muscle cramps, and nausea can have immediate effects from unnatural sugars. That means you need to ask questions when others fix your food, look at the labels and notice the amount of sugars in a product. Learn the deceptive ways that fake sugar is listed on a package without you knowing it. Use fruit as a natural source of sugar.


SCHEDULE TIME FOR RELAXATION AND REST. As a healthy rule for most people, you need at least five hours of self-focused activity and/or time alone per week. The catch: this does not necessarily include exercise. Most people are so busy that 50 years will go by them in a blink. Life is a constantly scheduled flurry of working years with too many tasks. The reward: to not be healthy enough or feel alive enough to enjoy anything during the retirement season. The bucket list grows and the joy of living diminishes. Think of a friend you know that lost their life to accident or disease far too soon. Don’t let this happen to you. Focus on a single amazing goal each year to achieve. Take time now. Warren buffet said, “Time is the most valuable commodity, you can’t buy a single second more for all the money in the world.”
Following these basic steps to enhance your cellular function can permit your body to operate in a completely different level of performance, mental clarity, and impact in your life. At An Optimal You and our Wellness Partners, our greatest joy exists in seeing someone move from feeling anything less than their personal best and celebrating victories along the path of natural healing. If we can be of benefit to you incorporating these steps or developing a personal plan that will assist you in achieving personal goals then connect with us online or contact our office for a introduction session to determine your next steps to living optimally.

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